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  1. Remotes | Cables | Accessories | Tweaks
    I want to be able to power on my DIY power amp via the 12v control on my Yamaha CXA5100 preamp...does anyone know of a device i could plug into a outlet, and the plug the amp into it that would turn the amp on and off? I have Insteon outdoor outlets, but they control via the powerline.
  2. DIY Audio
    Hello, I wanted to reach out for some help to some seasoned DIY audio people. I have several 5" Monoprice powered monitors paired up with apple airport express' for a makeshift multi room system. It works perfectly as each book shelf speaker is independently powered for each small room, but...
  3. System Setup and Connection
    Looking for a relay to turn my amps on (no internal relay) with a 12v trigger. I'm begining to think I'll need to use 2 relays, a 12v coil low amp to then trigger a larger 120v coil and the mains power. Would be nice to get this done with a single relay. Anyone built something like this?
  4. System Setup and Connection
    I want to be able to switch my main stereo speakers between the surround receiver and vac tube stereo amp. Will a 120V/10A 60Hz relay work for audio with high quality? An alternative is a multi-pole ceramic and silver rotary switch.
  5. System Setup and Connection
    I just bought an Onkyo TX-SR508 receiver and realized when I opened it that it doesn't have a switched outlet. Does any one know of a cheap or easy way to operate a relay by sensing the receiver's on/off state? I'm putting it in a very tight space and ventilation is concern so I have a pair of...
1-5 of 5 Results