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    I have searched in vain for the IR code for my Onkyo DX-C330 6 disc CD player. The folks at Onkyo do not have the manual for down load and the code unless you purchase the download. I have the manual but just need the code to make my all in one remote function with the player. Does anyone know...
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    Hi I have a Nad 910 with no remote. I want to program a universal remote to use with the unit. Does anyone know where I can get the frequencies?
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    Hi everyone. I could really use some help here. I have DirecTV as well as a Toshiba HDTV and I would prefer to use only one remote. My DirecTV remote (specifically the RC32) only controls very basic functions of my TV such as volume and power, and the manual for my Toshiba remote does not...
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    Due to some issues with a man's so called best friend.....I am in the market for a universal remote. I would like to keep the cost down as much as possible but still want some features like being able to set activities to a button or touch screen button etc. I need to be able to control a...
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    hello guys, New to most of this. I just got done with the HT build and put the componants on a rack in a closet. the ? is. What is the best remote to control Onkyo ht-r670, Direct tv HD reciever and PS3 (i know this one is an issue in it self) through the wooden door?:dontknow:
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    I need the remote code for a Yamaha RX-V563 receiver. I need to program my universal remote. nash211
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    Hi, I purchased a remote from a Tweeter store that was closing and unfortunately it appears I need the software in order to program this remote. URC told me I was pretty much SOL, but hopefully someone can help me out and get this programmed. Thanks in advance, Vic
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    Hello Everyone, Since I am new to this forum and a bit of a Remote junkie, I wanted to know what remote systems you all generally use. Let us know what you use. Is it for a single room or a whole house solution? Is it IR, RF, WiFi, Zigbee etc? If any, what type of base antenna? pros? cons...
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    brand new in box sealed. comes with recipt $200
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    I'm looking to install some remote control lighting in my basement HT. This is a new cnstruction project so it is in the studs only phase. Can anyone recomend a system that will control "dim" four or five runs with no more than four fixtures "cans" on each with one remote. I see that Luton...
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    Has anyone had experience with this remote. I'm thinking of making an investment in one. I really need to consolidate my remotes. I have the HD DVR from DirectTV and it's never listed in my standard remotes. Thanks, David
  13. Mitsubishi
    Ill try to be brief. Had TV since new with 0 issues. About 4 months ago started having trouble with my Harmony 880 remote not charging randomly. Fast forward we moved about 6 weeks ago and I ordered a new to me receiver and speakers as well as a new direcTV HD-DVR. Since the new components were...
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    http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/513FN5JPMDL._SS350_.jpgDevice: Logitech Harmony 1000 Advanced Universal Remote Manufacturer Link Street Price: $499 ($250 refurbished) My Rating: :4.5stars: I'm a big fan of universal remotes. With all the components and their separate remotes, one nice...
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    i got a dish remote it has a sat,tv, vcr ,aux ,fuction.my question is how do i get it to control a sony dav dx315 dvd home theater. thanks
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    This wonderful receiver has the most arcane remote I've ever used. After a year I still get lost in menus and accidentally screw things up. I often find it easier to walk over to the receiver to do something like rename an input or tune a new Internet station. Is there a remote that can be...
  17. Pioneer
    I just snagged this television off of cragslist for free but unfortunately, it doesn't come with a remote. To get an OEM replacement, it looks like it can run me well over $150-200! :duh: That's way out of my budget considering it actually looks like a Fisher-Price toy. Are there any universal...
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    I'm planning on a setup that involves a Yamaha YSP-900 (soundbar speaker system with build in receiver) and another receiver (for video conversion and switching purposes). The other receiver that I had in mind is a Yamaha HTR-6080, however, will the remote control for either interfere with the...
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    I just got a PS Audio Quintet power strip which has a 12V trigger. It is at the rear of my room and I have plugged my rear amps into it. I want to use my IR remote control to turn on the rear amps using the 12V trigger on the Quintet. Does a "black box" exist that will receive an IR signal...
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    I am claiming my garage back and going back to a shared great room/home theater setup, therefore all dedicated home theater gear must go! There are some excellent bargains here... first come first serve! Universal MX980 Remote w/ MRF260 Base: Excellent Condition/Like New - 7mos. old. Perfect...