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  1. DIY Repair and Maintenance
    My old KLH sub-woofer has a tiny whole in the rubber surrounds, I am not sure what to use or were to find cheap stuff to repair it. very small drill bit sized whole. on rubber surrounds thanks~!:help:
  2. DIY Screens
    I've got a 110" Wilsonart screen that I glued to two pieces of pegboard (using that little flash video we've all seen, except I didn't do the tape thing) then mounted using wood screws (on the peg board border up top) to the wall. The bottom is resting on a felt covered strip of mounted wood...
  3. Home Theater Projectors
    Hi everyone, After a little more than 1 year my projector starting making noise when starting and displaying weird colors. The guarantee was over, I sent it back to Optoma, they're asking £150 that is roughly $300, this is more than a third of the projector's price !! On the invoice there's...
  4. Sony
    Hi there, I've been doing a lot of research about replacing the convergence ICs on my Sony rear projection TV. For fear of posting prematurely (i.e. not seeing if this problem has been already been answered), I will say that I have read the stickied post on this and looked at these threads...
  5. Panasonic / Technics
    Thanks to the great threads by Icaillo on fixing convergence issues I am getting ready to order parts and get my set working again. But I have a couple questions before I get started. The other night I pulled the back off the TV to get the STK numbers from the chips and spotted something...
  6. Mitsubishi
    Hi, I have a Mitsubishi HD1080 (Model #WT46807). The convergence problems were fixed about 4 years ago. Now the convergence "drifts" only in the corners, and needs to be re-adjusted every other month. My local service tech told me he could fix it for about $350 (and upgrade to the...
  7. DIY Speakers
    I dented the paper dustcap on one of my drivers. Any tips on how to undent them?
  8. DIY Speakers
    A little while ago these 12" drivers came into a local Op-shop. Due to there condition (obviously) they didn't sell. As I never refuse free stuff, when they were offered to me I took them. The surround was so perished that just running my finger through the surround was causing it to...
1-8 of 8 Results