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  1. Bluetooth extender or repeater?

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    I would like to get more range from my iPhone that uses bluetooth linked to my Pioneer receiver using a Pioneer AS-BT200 Bluetooth Adapter. My walls in my new home are done with metal studs and it limits my range. I need to send the bluetooth signal going from my lanai to my wiring closet, so...
  2. IR repeater question

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    Is there a inexpensive IR repeater system on the market that controls up to 5 devices? When I say inexpensive, I mean less than $100. :olddude:
  3. IR Extender - Repeater w Cat 5/6 Cable

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    Hey everybody, I ran tons of cat 6 all over my house with the expectation I could use the cable to do many things. One such thing was to use the wires to help transmit an IR signal from each TV to my Home-run media cabinet in the basement. I have been looking for a few days now on-line and...
  4. ir repeater frustration

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    Hi eveyone, this is my first post but ive used this site as a resource for many years. A little background, I have a dedicated setup, projector and sound, hd cable box and a ps3. I have always wanted to move my equipment into a closet, and get it out of the way. About a year ago i was able to by...
  5. Smarthome Hidden IR Repeater for Remote Controls - Only $42.99 - Save 52%

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  6. Locating IR Repeater Receiver behind cabinet...

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    I have a question about the installation of an IR Repeater Receiver Eye. Can I mount this in the back of the entertainment center cabinet, near the very top and still get the remote control signals to via the wall? I from past experience that remote control signals can bounce off the walls...
  7. IR repeater receiver doesn’t like plasma TV

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    The receiver for our IR repeater bit the dust a couple of months ago, and I’ve learned it has something to do with the plasma TV we got last September. At least that’s what I gather; when I started shopping for a replacement I noticed specific “plasma friendly” models. Problem is, those things...
  8. IR Repeater Question

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    I have the Cables To Go 40430 system and am wanting to know if I can simply connect an emitter output directly to the 3.5mm IR Remote jack on the back of my receiver or is that connector only to be used with an IR target? If it can be connected directly, would it be a stereo or mono type cable...
  9. IR repeater to receiver cable?

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    Hey Shacksters! I'm helping a buddy do his pre-wire on his basement HT room. His equipment will be in-wall in the back corner, and I've been wondering what kind of wire we need to run now before the walls go up in order to work an IR system. I read Phil M's sticky thread and it seems that...
  10. IR repeater compatibility with Xbox 360

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    I finally broke down and purchased an IR repeater system to control my components, which are not in my theater room. Everything works except the 360 (using the IR media remote, the RF controllers work fine) I've tried everything, including a high powered "blast emitter" from parts express...
  11. IR Repeater installation

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    I was asked to share with the forum how to install an IR repeater system, here is how I did it - I'm sure there are lots of others: Having an IR repeater system is one of the most satisfying and easiest projects to carry out, you basically need a repeater, receiver and senders to each unit you...