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  1. Measurement naming feature request

    REW Forum
    FWIW, I have been using the V5.20 betas and noticed a lot of nice new features added to the measurement window which includes auto-documentation replications and incremented numeric measurement names. Another useful feature would be to prepend or append an indicator of which channel is being...
  2. Feature request: VST support for REW

    REW Forum
    I was wondering if it would be possible to add VST support to REW so we could test the results before and after of room correction software like Sonarworks and ARC by putting the calibration files/plugin on the outputs of REW ? Apologies in advance if this is already possible.
  3. Feature Request: Roon Support

    REW Forum
    Now that Roon's DSP engine has been further updated, it would be great to be able to port REW's output directly into it.
  4. Official Request

    Admin team to VS
    Please remove me from staff. Regards, Sonnie
  5. Feature request: adjustable dB reference...

    REW Forum
    REW is a great acoustical measurement tool! It also has some nice measurement abilities I'd like to apply to measuring gear, not just rooms. For example, a vertical scale (linear? or log?) in watts would allow us to measure headphone amplifier THD at different output levels. A vertical scale in...
  6. Feature request: S/N Ratio + weighting

    REW Forum
    If this is buried in there somewhere, I apologize. I'm in the middle of a labor-o-love gear rehab project where I need to do a number of S/N tests of electronics. The feature would be a dB ratio operational mode of the SPL meter or level meters where we could give it a reference tone, poke a...
  7. Feature Request: Calculate distortion only on graph limits (RTA)

    REW Forum
    If possible, a checkbox to calculate the distortion only on the visible area of the RTA graph would be excellent. Often measuring at higher frequency rates makes it much quicker, but there's often a rise in noise above 24 or 48khz. An option to limit the distortion, THD and THD+N calculations...
  8. Minor feature request

    REW Forum
    I have literally hundreds of REW files. Sometimes, as I am opening various files looking for a specific measurement session, I forget which file I opened (perhaps age-related). It would be nice if the current file name were displayed somewhere, perhaps in the status bar at the bottom of the...
  9. Feature Request: Show All/None

    REW Forum
    Hi John, Is it possible to have a 'Show All/None of the graphs' in the All SPL page? Whenever I open a file with a bunch of measurements in it (say 20), I have to deselect the ones I don't want to see one by one, which can become very frustrating after a while with larger files. Thanks
  10. Feature request: channel select in the measure window

    REW Forum
    It seems the most popular motion of my mouse is to go into preferences, select record channel 2 instead of 1, then go to measure and measure the next channel. Then return to preferences, select the other channel. This goes on and on, back and forth throughout the complex measurement of a...
  11. Feature Request: Color Picker management

    REW Forum
    Wow! REW keeps on getting better. Lots of nice new ergonomic features. Along the same lines I'd like to mention another possible improvement: Color Picker management. Whenever I measure my surround system, I like to use a shade of blue for front left, a shade of red for front right, green for...
  12. Feature request: input = Left-Right

    REW Forum
    Hi John, After having struggled to find an affordable but really linear balanced XLR to USB adapter, I just thought it would be cool just to avoid it completely. Why not put the balanced signals directly (over 2 capacitors) to the stereo mic inputs and select L-R as an input? We just miss the...
  13. Request for inuke 3000dsp lid fabrication or autocad file

    Subwoofer Amps | High Pass Filters
    I've been a home audio enthusiast for quite awhile. I just recently built my first DIY 4cu foot flat pack UM18-22 sealed sub-woofer from P.E. with an Inuke 3000dsp. Looking at all these awesome fan mods have inspired me to do my own. However I could use a bit of help. Currently I have made my...
  14. Feature request: Automatic canceling of measures that clip

    REW Forum
    It would be great if REW would automatically cancel out of a measure as soon as it detected it was out of headroom and clipping occurred. For example, I may have it set to do 2 or 3 sweeps. One-forth of the way through the first sweep it runs out of headroom. But it continues to sweep and...
  15. Feature request: Multi-channel scans and multi-microphone meas

    REW Forum
    JohnM, once more, thanks a lot for an excellent piece of software. Are there any plans on adding multi-channel or multi-mic support? With ASIO, using a multi-channel output device is very simple. Changing which channel to use is simple. However, in setups with multiple speakers and multiple...
  16. Feature request: IEC standard dB measure...

    REW Forum
    Dear John: How are you doing? I hope you are still kicking with REW, one of the best acoustic measurement applications out there, and it keeps on getting better. I keep on using it and I keep on getting great results. Two months ago I found out that your method of determining dBFS RMS for...
  17. Feature request: User selectable scaling / reference

    REW Forum
    I find that I use REW to test electronics more frequently than I do to measure the acoustics of my studio. It's the most incredible tool I've found for evaluating distortion vs frequency, phase anomalies, harmonic behavior, etc. One problem I have with REW in this capacity is that the...
  18. Feature Request: Polar Response Plots

    REW Forum
    It would be useful if REW had the ability to generate various types of polar response views from a set of measurements, for example something like ARTA's directivity sonogram (example can be found in...
  19. Feature request: RTA view of IR (ETC)

    REW Forum
    I have a proposal for your consideration: It would have been very convenient if REW could contain a real-time view of the impulse response, e.g. the envelope (ETC). My usage is when working on placing absorbers and diffusors in a listening room, I use the IR ETC envelope to identify...
  20. Feature Request: Customizable Eq Profiles for REW?

    REW Forum
    Hi there! First of all let me say REW is simply astounding! (I come from using another RTA suite, but this is WAY better and SO customizable, I love it!) Big Thanks to the Author! :T Now, to my Request: :D I'm using a very complete standalone DSP in my Car, with a Parametric Eq that has a...