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  1. Requesting Some Help Interpreting REW Graphs

    REW Forum
    Hi, I posted a different thread in which I posted a couple of graphs and received feedback that my graphs reflected that I clearly made a mistake in measurements. I followed the advice offered and I think I discovered a calibration error which led to some strange graphs. Now I believe I have...
  2. Requesting help with subwoofer placement - with measurements

    System Setup and Connection
    Hello guys My home theater is finally finished and I am trying to tune it for optimal sound performance but i am having some difficulties in getting the base right. My system consists of: Fronts 3 x Klipsch KL-525-thx Surrounds 2 x Klipsch KS-525-thx Subs : 2x XTZ 12" ported with optional...
  3. First sub measurement - Requesting advice

    REW Forum
    Hello, Great site. Very informative. I'm new to using REW. Followed all the instructions and ran three separate measurements on my dual Emotiva Ultra 12 subs. 1. Left sub only 2. Right sub only 3. Both I got some interesting and quite confusing results. I don't understand that huge dip...
  4. Another NEWB Requesting recommendation

    DIY Screens
    Hey Guys. I just purchased an optoma hd20 and I am looking into painting a screen and I am looking for some recommendations. Another forum suggested that I use silverfire 2.5 3.0. It seems like there may be some better suggestions here. The projector will be ceiling mounted no more than 11 feet...
  5. Requesting inhouse help to setup theater

    System Setup and Connection
    Dear Shacksters, I just thought I'd throw this out there: I have a pretty decent budget home theater system but the one thing that I lack is the know how when it comes to proper speaker setup. :huh: So I was wondering if someone from these forums lived near me and wanted waste a couple of...
  6. Clueless in Toccoa - requesting help with setting up my system

    System Setup and Connection
    Believe it or not, I have a Ph.D., but I cannot figure out how to set up my system correctly and I've given up on searching for a diagram on the internet that fits my situation. Here's the situation - in an extra bedroom, we have an older analog TV, with DirecTV, a DVD recorder, a VCR, and an...
  7. First DIY Build, requesting basic advice

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    Hi all, As the title states, this is my first DIY subwoofer build, and I'd like some advice. I've been looking through many projects and have decided to do a small scale build (to test my DIY ability & patience) before allocating some serious funds to a larger project. So, without further...
  8. Newbie requesting help on home theater design/construction

    Home Theater Design and Construction
    Hello to all: I very recently joined the forum and everybody has been very friendly. It turns out that eugovector is from Iowa. I want to make a portion of my basement serve as a dedicated home theater. The dimensions are 14x20x8 with a somewhat irregular shape. I've attached a rough...