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  1. Measurements required for analysis of 5.1 with dual mono subs

    REW Forum
    Hi please can someone tell me measurements required for my system. Main speakers Energy Veritas 2.3i and centre, velodyne dd12 and dd15 dual mono, receiver Yamaha Z9. Thanks in advance
  2. Required 5.1 home theater Speaker with good Sub-woofer for Yamaha HTR-3067 receiver

    Home Theater System Recommendations
    Can anybody please suggest good 5.1 home theater Speaker with good Sub-woofer for my newly bought Yamaha HTR-3067 receiver?
  3. Switching Between 16:9 and 2.35:1 - Is an Anamorphic Lens Required?

    Home Theater Projectors
    We're buying a new house and we get to start from scratch with our finished basement - home theater; here we come! So as per usual I am doing my homework now - we move in a couple of weeks but likely won't get started on the new HT for another couple of months or more, so no better time than now...
  4. Twin SI HT18D2 w/nu3000dsp *Advice required*

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    I am building a woofer setup and originally had planned on going with 1x si ht18d2 at the beginning of this year. Fast forward to the completion of the theatre and about to start the woofer project, I have had a change of heart on the single woofer setup. I have the capacity to push 2 woofers...
  5. Measurement of DSP delay within sub - help required

    REW Forum
    Hello Shacksters, The attached mdat file contains two measurements of my Paradigm Seismic110 sub taken with an Audyssey AVR microphone placed 10cm from the drive unit. I am not interested in the inaccuracy in the frequency sweep due to using an un-calibrated mic as my interest lies with the...
  6. Guidance required on good A/V Receiver

    Home Theater Receivers | Processors | Amps
    Friends Could you please help in choosing a latest good a/v receiver and good range of sub woofer and other speakers to set amazing home theater system connecting my sony bravia Tv
  7. speaker stands suggestion required

    Home Audio Speakers
    i am planing to go for DIY speaker like these please suggest if there might be any issues with them.I am having monitor audio br1 bookshelves.also please tell me what should be the total height(stand plus speaker).
  8. help required

    Community Help
    hello everyone :) my main aim to sign up in this home theater shack was because i need help for my school physics project on sound acoustics i want to download the REW software but i don't know how to do so. please can you'll help me. thanking you Eneide
  9. New function required : implementation of Low pass and High pass filters to perfectly simulate response curve with EQs

    REW Forum
    Hi everyone, I am using REW for several months now, and I am slowly improving my measurement and optimization method. Quite time consuming, but when we like it… :innocent: My subject of interest is a 3 voices multi amplified system with a Xilica crossover. I measured each speaker individually...
  10. 39" - 42" LED suggestion required

    HDTV | Video Displays | Processors
    Hello fellow Shacksters, I am looking for a new LED TV for my home. Have checked the market price for Sony, Samsung, LG, Toshiba and Panasonic LED ranging from 39" up to 42". However, due to higher dollar rate and Tax Rules changes, prices have recently shooted up and I am considering more...
  11. Nintendo required to pay ex-Sony engineer $15 million for 3D patent

    Video Game Systems | Video Games
    Nintendo required to pay ex-Sony engineer $15 million for 3D patent Nintendo has been ordered to pay ex-Sony engineer Seijiro Tomita $15 million in compensation for use of his 3D imaging patent in 3DS consoles. CVG reports that Tomita won the case back in March and...
  12. Forza 5 playable without download – but DLC required for end game

    Video Game Systems | Video Games
    Forza 5 playable without download – but DLC required for end game Forza Motorsport 5 is playable right out of the box, Turn 10 has confirmed, contradicting earlier reports. Speaking to IGN, Turn 10 Studios’ Dan Greenawalt clarified his own comments from earlier in the...
  13. REW/UMIK setup help required - please

    REW Forum
    Please delete post Please delete
  14. Comcast announces that all cable channels will be encrypted, new equipment required

    Reviewers Private Forum
    Comcast cable has announced that Xfinity customers will no longer be able to access its basic cable packages directly through a digital television or computer based tuner card. The cable giant is in the process of encrypting its “Limited Basic” channels. In other words, the party is over for...
  15. Is soundcard Calibration required with UMIK-1 ?

    REW Forum
    Hi, Apologies if this has been covered before, I've been looking for a solid answer for the last 2 days/night so that I can use REW to improve the sound of my home theatre. I'm very new to REW/room measurement, but eager to learn, it's all just a little overwhelming at this point. I also thank...
  16. Need recommendations for Used receiver (HDMI not required)

    Home Theater Receivers | Processors | Amps
    Hi everyone! The front speakers on my Integra 7.1 receiver are no longer working so I need to replace my receiver. My TV doesn't have HDMI connections - only component. Therefore, I am looking for a used receiver since I am more interested in the number of component inputs rather than HDMI...
  17. My DIY Subwoofer Project, help required

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    hello there I'm a very new member and I got here by searching google. I saw this DIY subchannel and decided to ask you smart people for some help! I am renovating my place and I really love HiFi. I made a sketchup illustration of the current situation. http://uploadpie.com/RdpXp What you...
  18. Basic HTIB required..

    Home Theater System Recommendations
    Hello mods and member, First of all thanks for letting me join this forum I m planning to buy an entry level htbi system in india... Need ur suggestions.... My room dimensions are 12*16. Prefrences: 1)blueray rip movies 2)music 3)gaming All the above through my pc However m planning to buy ps...
  19. Amp required for Tempest X2

    Subwoofer Amps | High Pass Filters
    Hey all, I've been enjoying my Exodus Audio Tempest X2 in it's 3 cu ft sealed enclosure for over a year now, but unfortunately the O Audio Bash 500 has stopped working. It is not worth repairing and I'm curious as to what options I have on a replacement? O Audio currently have the Bash 500...
  20. Xbox 720: Blu-ray inside, always-on netcon required

    Video Game Systems | Video Games
    Xbox 720: Blu-ray inside, always-on netcon required Xbox 720 has been fully detailed to some third-parties, VG247 has learned, and has been slotted in for a Christmas 2013 release. And yes: of course it’ll have a Blu-ray drive. VG247 has learned that Microsoft has now...