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  1. what type of capacitor or resistor does tweeters uses?

    DIY Audio
    Hi, everyone! What type of resistor or capacitor should be used when wiring tweeters with loud speakers? Is there some sort of protection that could be wired along tweeter to prevent them from burning out?
  2. JVC XV-THD60 Home Theater - Resistor Value?

    Does anybody know or know how I can get the resistor value for resistor R5002 on a JVC XV-THD60 home theater system? Thanks.
  3. RCA RT2770 R202 C211 in Power Supply

    DIY Repair and Maintenance
    All, I have RCA RT2770 and have diagnosed the problem. R202 along with C211 make up the "snubber network" for the fast action diode pack (TO5 Tab mounted on 2nd large heatsink) labeled D207. This resister is so burnt, on my unit, the color bands are not readable, so the value can not be...
  4. Rsense resistor for Impendance measurement

    REW Forum
    I'm using the headphone output jack of my laptop. I've already confirmed that my power resistors are non-inductive with my RMS AC voltmeter. I have 3 165 ohm power resistors. What would be the best value for Rsense for the best accurancy? 165 (1 resistor) 82.5 (2 resistors in || ) 55...
  5. resistor mic splitter

    Pro Audio
    I'm a beginner in electronics can you help me with the values the image doesnt provide, like vpltage and wattage of resistors and types for the resistor and the capacitor in RFI shield? thanx
  6. resistor size

    I have a hitachi 57f500a. I replaced the ics and a resistor that was bad and it burned the resistor up right away when i turned it on. Could you please tell me what size resistor i need for rk42 on this model. If not do you know where i would get that info. thanks
  7. 57UWX20B New Convergence, resistor burn out every time

    hi i need help i have a hitachi 57UWX20B tv. my convergence has blown out. so i went and bought a new one and i replaced at first with stk 392-110 and it worked for 5 minutes ad rk 58 resistor has burned out. so i went and bought a replacement for a convergence and a reisistor and instead of...
  8. Convergence ICs, pico fuses replaced, now no video at all

    I have a Mitsubishi WS-55809 (made in 2002). I bought it at a discount in 2005 when the original owner started to have convergence problems. I raised it off the ground to help it circulate air and it was just fine for four years. I would have some intermittent convergent troubles...
  9. Help Please! Hitachi 61swx10b resistor values!

    Hi, I have a Hitachi 61swx10b tv with a bad convergence board. I got a kit from Vance Electronics but it had the wrong resitors values with the 150 ics. Does anyone know what the correct resistor values are for the convergence board with the 150 ics? THANKS!:jiggy::jiggy::jiggy:
  10. Convergence resistor values for Hitachi 53uwx10B

    Bought the Hitachi 53uwx10B to keep me company while recovering from a broken leg back in 2001. One year later(one month out of wty) the convergence took a dump. I Found and fixed a cold solder joint and it worked fine up until this years Super Bowl Sunday 2 hours before the game!(I'm not...
  11. IC Convergence resistor testing

    I know that I must have the IC Chip removed and the yolks disconnected before I check the bank of 12 resistors by the chip, my problem is I am not sure what a yolk is. Is is safe to assume that if I have removed the entire PCB board from the TV the yolks have also been disconnected or is there...
  12. Resistor questions

    I have a Samsung HCM4216W (P55A chassis) with convergence problems (suprise, suprise). I was able to find a service manual but I think there might be a mistake in it. If you look at the board, some resistors are obviosly different physical sizes than others. According to the schematic, the large...
  13. Panasonic red convergence resistor

    Panasonic / Technics
    Panasonic pt-53wx42f - I just replaced the -110 convergence amps with -180s and all works well except for horizontal red, it won't budge. I've searched for service manuals and schematics and spent hours here and a few other forums without success but think I see the problem, just would like some...
  14. Replaced IC's and resistors in 43UWX10B. Resistor smokes immediately.

    So as a project, I purchased a used 43UWX10B off of craigslist. I purchased it knowing that it had convergence issues. I ordered the X480293 kit (Sanyo), and replaced the IC's and the resistors. It looks like the repair had already been attempted because of the of the resistors in question had...
  15. Toshiba 42H82 Fusible Resistor Wattage Revision

    Recently the convergence went out on my Toshiba 42H82. Upon opening the set up one of the fusible resistors was cracked and open circuit. Time for another STK replacement. I have 2 of these sets in my house and have already went through this process on the other same model set. FYI I...
  16. Increasing Q with a 4 Ohm Resistor.

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    Somebody in the subwoofer biz told me to add a 4 Ohm resister to the positive lead to each of my AA Avalanche 18" subs. He says it effectively increases the Q and essentially dials down output around the Fs. In my case that would mildly decrease the 10-25Hz range and protect the drivers from...