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  1. Resistors for color blind/color limited?

    Creative Sound Solutions
    Hello everyone, This isn't one of the forums that I tend to hang out in but I thought you may be the best folks to ask this of. I have a red green color deficiency and because of that I can't read resistor color bars/stripes. I've seem mention of printed resistors on stack exchange and a...
  2. Niles SI-275 burnt resistors help

    Home Theater Receivers | Processors | Amps
    Does anyone have a Niles SI-275 that they can take a few pics of the board on? I have 2 resistor that need replacement but they're burnt beyond recognition. They are R113 and R114. I bought this thing on Ebay and it was not packaged well. The speaker connectors got smashed in, hit a relay and...
  3. WR.30 speaker kit build with Obbligato capacitors with Dueland resistors

    Creative Sound Solutions
    WR.30 speaker kit build kit price is $480.00 plus the cost of the Parts Express cabinets I used the curved Piano black for this build. CSS WR.30U7 WR.30 MTM Loudspeaker kit with upgraded caps, resistors, wire, damping pads and acoustic foam (Pair) These kits use the WR125STR drivers with XBL...
  4. Does wire, capacitors, or resistors make a difference?

    DIY Speakers
    There are those that have been lead to believe that wire is wire and parts are parts and that if it measures the same then it sounds the same. And the objective verse subjective aspects have been debated to death. But, how would you like to find out for yourself? This is challenge that I...
  5. upgrading to stk392-150 do u have to change resistors?

    Panasonic / Technics
    originally tv came with stk392-110 if i upgrade to stk392-150 do i have to change resistors? PANASONIC PT-53TW53
  6. Panasonic PT-56WX53G Convergence

    Panasonic / Technics
    I see everyone saying, ... "If your convergence is messed up, you need to replace the convergence ICs and possibly multiple resistors." I can't purchase those parts until Monday so I decided to do some poking and prodding with my multimeter because "why not?". About the 10 or 11th resistor I...
  7. question about resistors

    DIY Repair and Maintenance
    Hi. One of the resistors in my Hitachi calls for a 3.9 ohm 1watt resistor. I couldn't find a 3.9 ohm 1 watt, so I bought a 3.9 ohm 5 watt. Will this be ok? It looks different, in that is not a cylinder shape like more resistors, rather a big honkin white box, about the size of a piece of...
  8. JVC av-48wp30 vertical lines on screen

    Hello everyone I need some help here. I have had my TV for a little of 6 years and other than one other service call it has been trouble free. The issue I am dealing with now is that i have vertical lines running down my screen about one inch apart. I have done a lot of research on this on the...
  9. Toshiba 42H81 RPTV convergence resistors

    I need to change the STK 392-110`s in my RPTV. While doing my backround research about this i see that improved STK`s are the advised answer, however it appears that the Hitachi kits come with resistors of a different value than those which were originally used. As mine is not a Hitachi brand i...
  10. Wiring resistors together

    DIY Speakers
    I have 2 12ohm resistors for a crossover design that I'm building, but need the end result needs to be 6ohm. Is there a way that I can wire these together to get a 6ohm load. PE did'nt have 6ohm resistors in stock when I bought them so I went this route thinking I could do this. Help is greatly...
  11. Philips RPTV keeps blowing resistors

    Philips / Magnavox
    I have a Philips 55" RPTV (55PP935217) that I replaced the STKs and convergence resistors in because I had blue that could not be adjusted. When I replaced everything I found that the 2 resistors at 3155 & 3156 were toasted. I replaced all the resistors and STK's and when I powered it up again...
  12. Bad convergence chips: Is it possible resistors aren't affected?

    DIY Repair and Maintenance
    Is it possible NOT to have burnt/open resistors when a STK goes bad? The BV channel stopped working on my set, resulting in severe vertical pincushion of the blue. I'm about to order the recommended STK394-160's for my 8 yr old Pioneer PRO610HD, and decided to check all the output resistors on...
  13. Replaced IC's and resistors in 43UWX10B. Resistor smokes immediately.

    So as a project, I purchased a used 43UWX10B off of craigslist. I purchased it knowing that it had convergence issues. I ordered the X480293 kit (Sanyo), and replaced the IC's and the resistors. It looks like the repair had already been attempted because of the of the resistors in question had...
  14. Resistors and Capacitors.

    DIY Speakers
    Well for the full story read this if you would. I just need help finding what resistors and capacitors to use, what does what, how much stuff will cost, etc. Otto suggested the DIY speaker section to be of more help, since you guys deal with this stuff more than the Sub section. Please, I need...
  15. CRT based RPTV Convergence Repairs

    DIY Repair and Maintenance
    Lots of DIY'ers are attempting these repairs these days. This thread will provide some tips based on my experience doing hundreds of these repairs over many years. This is general information on the basics of these types of repairs. Even so, it would be useful for many repair techs as well as...
  16. Modifying Amp Highpass (resistors)

    DIY Speakers
    I have been looking into modifying a highpass on a sub plate amp by changing the resistors. I recently contacted the manufacturer of my amp to get the correct resistor values since they weren't listed on the chart. However I cannot find resistors to match the values I was given. I was told...