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  1. Ported Subwoofer Build Projects
    There is an option in WinISD to "force flat response." What does this do other than changing the graph of the curve? I've looked pretty carefully to see what parameters it changes and couldn't find any. Thank you.
  2. SPL Meters | Mic's | Calibration | Sound Cards
    Hi, I'm currently using an ECM8000 microphone calibrated by Cross Spectrum. My problem is, I have the magnitude response calibrated but not the phase response (the phase column is all zeroes in the calibration file). I would prefer to have a linear phase response: indeed, I'm using DRC to...
  3. SPL Meters | Mic's | Calibration | Sound Cards
    How do you test the frequency response of amps, preamps, cd players, sound cards, ect? What equipment/software is needed/recommended? Thanks.
  4. REW Forum
    Hello this is my 1st impulse readout at the mix position at 3 feet from speakers - i,m trying to interpret the reading? is the high spike at 0 the sound hitting the mic? what do the other peaks and troughs mean, or is it the spike at about 3ms the 1st sound hitting the mic? all help appreciated...
1-4 of 4 Results