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  1. "linear" speaker frequency response

    REW Forum
    Hi all, this is my first post here. So hello to everybody. :smile: I think that I've set up my measurement equipment correct and have made my first measurement with REW with my (super-linear) RME Multiface and my calibrated ECM8000. But I have a questen that I've not found answerd in the...
  2. Getting Delay When Exporting Impulse Response as Wav

    REW Forum
    Hi, Quick summary: I am getting a delay in my impulse response when I export it to use in an IR loader. I currently do not have an ecm8000 but do have a c414 that I am using in omni. I calibrated the sound card and used the calibration numbers for the c414 TLII found in these forums for the...
  3. Is this normal response for a horn loaded woofer?

    REW Forum
    Today we hooked up the bass bins only. We bypassed the Dirac, and crossover and ran the cable straight from my Yamaha CX-A5100 preamp to the Crest Audio amp. Can anyone explain to me why we have this result? Granted it is a 50db range, but is it normal for a Single woofer to respond like this on...
  4. Small Room - Freq response vs Reverberation

    REW Forum
    Three years ago when I did REW measurement it had a relatively flat response. Two weeks ago, I decided to to take my current measurement and was shocked with the outcome. The only changes I did were adding diffusers to address the dull sound and change of speakers. However, despite the latest...
  5. Abnormal ripples in the response curve

    REW Forum
    Hi I am currently using REW V5.14. My measurement setup includes a 4189 B&K microphone and its preamplifier, and an Antelope Pure 2 external soundcard. All my measurements show abnormal ripples, about 1,5 dB peak to peak, hereunder a Mündorf AMT, but I can observe the same phenomenon with other...
  6. Impulse Response measurement

    REW Forum
    Forgive me if this is a stupid question, but I have been hunting for an answer on here and in the manual for a while now to no avail. I am trying to figure out how to take an Impulse Response measurement. Every time I attempt to run a measurement the sweep is extremely slow and not a short...
  7. Another Impulse Response problem

    REW Forum
    Hi all - I've just started having another crack at REW but I'm now constantly getting the error msg "The impulse peak is not where it should be...." whenever I run sweep tones for my sub and mains. It was back in August I last had a play with REW and never had this problem. Nothing has changed...
  8. Flat Response?

    REW Forum
    Hi if we EQ to flat response isn't that taking the character sound away from the speaker itself? Thank you
  9. Export impulse response as wav (Including compensation of calibration mic)

    REW Forum
    Hi John, it would be possible to export the impulse as wav including compensation of calibration mic. Thanks in advance!
  10. A Response to Floyd E. Toole's AES Article "The Measurement and Calibration of Sound Reproducing Systems"

    REW Forum
    A Response to Floyd E. Toole's AES Article "The Measurement and Calibration of Sound Reproducing Systems" Mr. Toole has done much for the audio industry over the years, as is clear from his excellent recent article in the Journal of the Audio Engineering Society, The Measurement and Calibration...
  11. Help with UMM-6 REW HDMI frequency response

    SPL Meters | Mic's | Calibration | Sound Cards
    I just got my UMM-6 last week. I've read all the tutorials and set it up on my laptop using HDMI out to my XMC-1 for measuring frequency response of my new drivers Usher 8945A and Tymphany xt25tg30-04. The measurements look good up til after 5k or so and really by 10k the response is steadily...
  12. Low Frequency vs Transient response - 3 Subs & MiniDSP

    REW Forum
    I posted below over on AVS Forum in the MiniDSP section in regards to sub woofer delay settings. Goal is clean accurate bass. I am wondering if achieving a super flat SPL could in some way require delaying the timing such that is screws up the transient response. Or does avoiding nulls actually...
  13. match response to target ignores certain freq's?

    REW Forum
    hello, i am new to room eq wizard, i am trying to create a set of eq filter for my graph, you can see the settings i use in the picture, no matter what target level i select, it seems it ignore that big dip at 1.5K why is this happening (i deliberately pushed max frequency boost to the max, also...
  14. Measuring AVR frequency response with REW

    REW Forum
    Hi to All, I want to use REW to measure the frequency response of my Denon (AVR-2310) which is spec'd as 10 Hz-100 kHz (+1, -3 dB, DIRECT Mode). What would be the best way to do this? Points I have considerd so far: - I have a laptop hooked up to the AVR via HDMI cable - I can set REW...
  15. New Home Theater - Poor Room Response help needed

    Home Audio Acoustics
    Hi, This is a first post so I hope the question is provided with some relevant details, but if not please let me know. The room is a 3.8m wide, 5m long and 2.5m high. Walls are plasterboard and the floor is solid wood covered mostly in a 1" thick rug. Front wall has 2mx2m double glazed doors...
  16. Full Range Pink Noise - poraboloa response shape

    REW Forum
    OK so iv finally gotten REW to work on my Linux machine which is jack full time - by not using jack. anyway i was doing initial tests to set levels using the test levels in preferences. When you use the full range test it sounds nothing like pink noise being heavily mid. I’m using Midas m32...
  17. trace arithmetic and average the response

    REW Forum
    Hi all, I have a question: what is the difference between the trace arithmetic function A+B and the button at the bottom left of the graphic named average the response ? The graphs are very similar but with different values, is it a geometrical average ? Also, what is the difference between A+B...
  18. Measurement Sweep Range and Accurate Response

    REW Forum
    I've been using REW for some time now, and I noticed something about how it works which I wanted to ask the forum about. Specifically, the question has to do with measurement sweeps and the range we set. I noticed that when I set a range for a measurement sweep, the results at the start...
  19. Why would treating my room make the frequency response worse?? [graphs]

    REW Forum
    Hey, I recently came into a LOT of OC703, and so I used it to treat my room pretty completely. But the problem is that after comparing my before/after tests, it looks like the frequency response got worse! Though things like the RT60 and Decay look better. Why might this be? Here are the...
  20. Feature Request: Polar Response Plots

    REW Forum
    It would be useful if REW had the ability to generate various types of polar response views from a set of measurements, for example something like ARTA's directivity sonogram (example can be found in...