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  1. Arcam300 or Anthem300? advice for budget retro AV set up please? audio fromTV +music

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    hi everyone, I live out in the sticks and can't do any audio testing as hours away and setting up a home theatre in the cheap and using used as they were good when came out and inky want basic surround with my ripped USB media straight into my ks8000 4k samsung tv (not sure about the hdcp2.2...
  2. Retro fitted

    My house has been retro fit tied with speaker, network, had I, ceiling speakers and in wall.
  3. Today I scored some SERIOUS retro gear...

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    Guy on Freecycle offered up "Really old tube radio and turntable" so of course I jumped right on it! I snagged a Philco MODEL 38-7T (1938 model you can see here). Cabinet is in rough shape (paint splashes) and the cord looks like a herd of rats chewed on it. Also got a Philco 42-1002P (1942...