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  1. REW and Revel B15

    REW Forum
    I'm looking for the most efficient way to set up the 3 parametric equalizers of a Revel B15 with REW. The most important question is of course, how to convert the Q supplied by REW to the Bandwidth (0.1 - 1.0) setting of the B15. In a perfect world, I'd like to teach REW the limitations (3...
  2. Revel's Got Rhythm

    Home Theater, Audio and Video News
    Source: Home Theater Magazine
  3. Revel or Infinity

    Home Audio Speakers
    Besides the cost, I am trying to understand the difference between the Infinity ERS 610 and the Revel C760L. The specs seem pretty close. Thank you.
  4. Mark Levinson No 53 Hybrid Digital Power Amplifier Review

    Unofficial Equipment Reviews (Non HTS Reviewers)
    Mark Levinson No 53 Hybrid Digital Power Amplifier Review By: Andrew Robinson The Mark Levinson brand has built its reputation on the shoulders of solid-state amplification. Since the brand's inception, Mark Levinson has been known for making some of the best, most powerful, audiophile-grade...
  5. Revel vs Paradigm?

    Home Audio Speakers
    Thinking about upgrading my speakers for my new HT room... Been auditing some of the brands, such as Dali Lector, Ikon, PSB FCC8, Monitor Audio Silver etc and finally to pick one from the following: Revel Concerta F12, C12 & S12 for US$3K Paradigm Studio 100 (with CC690 & ADP590) for US$5K...
  6. Revel ultima 2

    Home Audio Speakers
    Revel® Displays Flagship Ultima2 Series Loudspeakers * September 22, 2008 Loudspeaker manufacturer Revel® is displaying its next generation of Ultima loudspeakers. A direct result of an extensive R&D initiative, the Revel Ultima2 Series consists of four models: the Salon2 and...
  7. Revel ultima sub 30 subwoofer

    Home Audio Subwoofers
    Revel, maker of some of the most highly regarded speakers across their broad lineup, has made the sub of subwoofers. Revel Ultima SUB 30 Subwoofer Reviewed By: Jerry Del Colliano - Reviewer's System Category: Audio Reviews, Equipment Reviews, Subwoofer Reviews Resources & Links: Active...
  8. FS: Revel M22's, C32, Ml CLS II's

    Classifieds - Speakers and Subwoofers
    I am in Chicagoland, and I don't have the original boxes on any of these, so would prefer surrounding area. The Revels are two years old, bought new, perfect condition, maple M22's $900 C32 $900 CLS II's 1990 version, in oak, working fine, with some separation of the panel on the top...
  9. REW First Time Graphs - Dual Subs - Questions

    REW Forum
    I'm in the final stages of building a new theater. REW seems like a great program. I've just begun to try and learn to use it. Any help is greatly appreciated. Taking brucek's lead, I bought the Turtle Beach USB SRM sound card, Behringer ECM8000, and the Xenyx 802. For the time being, I'd like...
  10. Revel Concerta series

    Home Audio Speakers
    Anyone have any info on the Revel Concerta series speaker line. Especially the F12 mains? I saw that they were highly recommended for the price by Stereophile mag. They seem to be comparrable in price to another line that I am looking at, Polk LSi. Any comments?
  11. DIY similar to a Velo SPL1500/DD15, Revel B15 or Fathom F113 (sealed)???

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    OK, so I have been looking for a new subwoofer and was looking at some of the sealed designs from JL Audio, Velodyne and Revel. I really really like the sound of some of these subs and I think I want to go with a sealed design. I am going to purchase the Velodyne SC1250 amp with active EQ to...
  12. comparing JL audio, Revel B12, Velo and SVS??

    Home Audio Subwoofers
    I currently have an SVS 25-31 PC and am kind of tired of the "look" of it. Also I was calibrating my system on Sat and there are some HUGE peaks and valleys in my room (the sub is also corner loaded and for some reason I can hear the direction the bass is coming from. I have the crossover set...
  13. Re-creating Revel F50a speakers

    DIY Speakers
    Hi all! Sorry in advance for my babbling... I have recently obtained a Parasound Halo A23 amp and I want to make some good speakers for it. I have (6) 6 1/2 inch drivers which come from the Revel F50a speakers. So, I want to copy the Revel F50a speakers If I can. I also have 1 of the midrange...