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    Hey guys... On our Home page we have the teaser featured threads for your reviews which include the first 2,500 characters of the review. Recently I have been having to adjust that because the 2,500 characters break in the middle of the [features] or [specs] tags... and when that happens the...
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    While I love reading the reviews by our beloved HTS Staff, I must admit a recent 'concern' after seeing so many 4 and 5 star ratings of late, dare I say it? :ponder: Are these movies really that good, or are these guys getting soft? :unbelievable: :rofl:
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    Equipment Reviews Payments We are currently paying $75.00 per equipment review. We will most likely limit our equipment reviews to 8 per month (hopefully 2 per week). At this point, we will allow one to two reviews per month per reviewer. This will depend on what is being reviewed and...