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  1. Star Wars Revisited

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    It's got a chance to watch a fan edit if 'A New Hope' and I've got to say it got my nerd blood pumping. Here's a link to the fan site and it's definitely worth a look. https://swrevisited.wordpress.com If you're a sticker for continuity and feel a little more than disappointed by the way...
  2. REW Revisited

    REW Forum
    Hello to all, I have had to redo my calibration after I had to replace the amp in my Klipsch sub 10. Upon relearning all the steps involved I discovered that I had not done much right my first time years ago. Somehow I had managed to get some filters into the BFD that improved the sound and I...
  3. The World's First 7.1-Channel A/V Receiver Revisited

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    Source: Home Theater Magazine
  4. Old Theater revisited. Noob Help!

    System Setup and Connection
    Hello everyone, I have been a long time lurker (years) but never joined. Well, I have a big enough project now that I think I really need help. My home theater is pretty modest. I have a six year old JVC 7.1 receiver (RX D212B) and Sony blue ray player (BDP-S550). My TV is a Samsung LN46B750, so...
  5. Pioneer SD533hd5 convergence revisited

    I have read all the sticky posts in the forum and found them very educational. Based on what I have read, I believe I need to replace my convergence ICs. I believe this was done about 4 years ago on my Pioneer set by a professional, but, unfortunately, no one in Columbus, Oh is willing to...
  6. Mac revisited

    REW Forum
    Hi everyone, I've been working with REW under Mac OS X on a PPC machine. I've seen some comments here about anomalous results with the Mac audio subsystem, due to their incomplete Java support, but others indicating that people were getting the program to work there, so I thought I'd at least...