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  1. Need help setting up ECM8000 for REW!

    REW Forum
    hi i've been reading around on here and the help guides but can't seem to figure this out properly... basically i have my genelec active monitors plugged into the outputs of my saffire soundcard, all working perfectly, but i'd like to take a REW measurement, so i bought a behringer...
  2. Fun with a small sub. Yamaha YST-MSW10 what a difference with REW!

    REW Forum
    I've got my hands on the old style radio shack SPL meter for a future project, and to get myself familiar with REW, I thought I'd see what I could get out of my retired Yamaha YST-MSW10 sub. It's a small 25W ported box with a 16cm driver that came with an old computer and it's specified from...