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  1. Regards from Chile

    New Member Introductions
    Hi All, I am an electronic engineer from Chile and mainly my jobs as a freelancer are on telecommunications consulting, live sound operations and some recordings. Thank you for being here all of us, and thank you John for giving us a great software as REW. I have been using it many times since I...
  2. My First Time REW Adventure

    REW Forum
    Hi, This whole thing is new to me, and I have started to read through the help files and tutorials which has helped me so far in getting things set up and actually get some measurements results out of it. My Setup is as following: PC, USB DAC, Power Amp, Stereo Full Range Speakers. Dayton...
  3. REW

    REW Forum
    I am a new bee in room calibration i own a saffire pro 24 dsp and i can get the rew v5beta nor any of the former version to work with my audio interface pls does any 1 has a set up or any solution for me i just move my recording studio to a new appartment i dont like the room response even after...
  4. REW in High Contrast mode

    REW Forum
    I'm a newbie. I just installed REW v5. (I'm really excited to have found such a powerful tool for such a great price!) I'm going to hold off asking lots of questions until I read the manual and forum posts, but I'm sure I'll have plenty of questions... But for my first "constructive...
  5. Laptop soundcard for rew

    REW Forum
    Hi there O men of superbly evolved and multifaceted problem solving excellence within the burgeoning world of the audiophile! I am proceeding upon life's path in the direction of my own self-built sonosub and have reached the point where I must choose which express card type sound card would be...
  6. Problems with REW 5 on a Mac + ProFire 610

    REW Forum
    Hello folks, I recently got the REW 5 in the pursuit of treating my small studio room. It' s installed on a Mac Intel DualCore Duo with Snow Leopard. The mic is ECM8000 connected to a M-Audio ProFire 610. The idea is that I cannot properly calibrate the audio interface. In preferences I can...