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    Caution: very unattractive asthetics but wonderful sounding Well running REW in my van certainly did a lot for me. I recognized visually what i was hearing, something was wrong with the subs: BLOWN AMP therefore a sub acting as something like a PR with a bit of power to it, making my port a...
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    hello I have my dual subs located in front along the line of my left and right mains- phase is set to zero. When I run the automated calibration for my processor (Emotiva UMC-1) it sets the subwoofer distance at 25ft instead of the 10ft that it is and I do get a smoother response too in REQ. I...
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    Greetings all, I am just getting into REW and audio calibration in general. I've done the THX Home Theater Pro 1 course and am currently working my way through Floyd E. Toole's book - Sound Reproduction: Loudspeakers and Rooms I have got myself a new laptop, a pair of Cross-Spectrum calibrated...
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    First REW Install. Equipment: Galaxy CM-140 SPL meter ECM8000 calibrated mic from recent offering Xenyx 802 preamp I've been following the documentation / help files and have calibrated my sound card with the loopback cable. Set it to -18db and matched it to -18db, both left and right...
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    Having just bought a Blu-Ray player with analog audio outputs [amp can't decode HD audio] I need to use the direct 5.1 inputs on the AVR and set up the bass management functions in the player. I thought the easiest way to do this and integrate the sub would be to record a CD of periodic pink...
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    Hello, I'm a newbie from Brazil. I'm trying to run REW but it keeps showing a java exception: "Can't load standard profile: GRAY.pf" and after that, the program ends. Is there a work around? Could you help me on that? Regards, Felipe
1-6 of 6 Results