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    I am a new bee in room calibration i own a saffire pro 24 dsp and i can get the rew v5beta nor any of the former version to work with my audio interface pls does any 1 has a set up or any solution for me i just move my recording studio to a new appartment i dont like the room response even after...
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    I installed an audio equalizer from sourceforge, then it said that I need to install REW to use it. To install REW I had to join this forum... I thought this all looked like it might be worth the round-about things I had to do to try it, so now I tried to install it. I started the REW install...
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    i just spent 3 hours updating my laptop. then i downloaded REW and JAVA. or so i think. installing REW says i need JAVA. i reinstalled java. doesn't work. i don't even know what to ask. windows xp pro, firefox. me = :gah:
1-3 of 3 Results