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rew or bfd

  1. Does Audyssey replace need for REW/BFD

    REW Forum
    I've been running my BFD disabled every since getting my new Onkyo Receiver NR3009. I figured since it runs Audyssey at multiple locations, it would do a better job of handling peaks than REW/BFD as it only does it at one location. So my questions is: Is there still room for the BFD and REW...
  2. Can REW/BFD be used to tune home studio?

    REW Forum
    Found this site and the REW software doing a search to find info on EQing my home studio. I know this is a home theater site, so please excuse me if I'm overstepping my bounds. I've treated the walls with acoustic panels and need to graph out the frequencies at the mix position with my...
  3. how low can the rew/bfd go?

    REW Forum
    hello, first post. been reading up for a couple days. i am interested in implementing the rew. i just purchased 2 svs 16-46's and my room is somewhat small. if i play the system at volumes which the very low end is audible and tactile the midbass levels destroy all detail whatsovever. so my...
  4. REW/BFD input level setup on a yamaha r-v661 ?

    REW Forum
    REW/BFD input level setup on a yamaha rx-v661 ? Not sure if this is in the correct forum...Here is the scenario... A Yamaha r-v661 with amps used for the front and rear pre-outs and a sub connected....I'm trying to set up my BFD input level by turning on the receiver and setting it at...
  5. About to take the REW/BFD plunge…A couple questions please

    REW Forum
    Well, I’m about to place an order for all of the equipment I need to get my REW/BFD up and running. A couple of thoughts questions as I have gone from thoroughly confused at the start to moderately confused. This forum is invaluable, thanks in advance for your hard work! I know once I get...
  6. First Shot at REW/BFD

    REW Forum
    Hello: Here is my initial graph of the set up. Seems like I have a real issue at 45 hz and 90 hz. I am working now with my BFD but I am seeing no change after loading the filters (midi connection). I have double checked all the common issues I could find reading here. MIDI IN/OUT was lit...