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  1. General Service and Technical Information
    Samsung LCD TV LN40C500F3F I have had this problem in the past, and I think I was able to minimize it using settings in the TV's menu. However, I recently reset my TV and it is much worse again. It's a subtle, but distracting issue. When there is a solid mid-tone like grey or beige, there is...
  2. Video Game Systems | Video Games
    Xbox One retail models rolling off production line Microsoft’s Larry Hryb – Major Nelson – has posted a photo of the very first retail Xbox One unit to be produced. Hryb posted the photo on Twitter, describing it as “the very first Xbox One off the assembly line”. It’s...
  3. DIY Screens
    I haven’t posted in some time. Have been busy with kids, home reno and other things… :innocent: Overall I’m very happy from Scorpion mix :clap: :T however I wish I could get a little better black level due to my Optoma HD65 PJ (not the greatest contrast). Will there be a noticeable...
  4. General Screen Discussion
    I love my digital grey screen and it's been several months since i rolled it on. The problem is that I left some small vertical lines because I pressed too hard. Can I just roll another coat on top and do you think it would cover the lines?
  5. General Screen Discussion
    Hi all, When i bought my projector (Panasonic PT-AE2000), i also bought a cheap 80" electric screen since i heard a lot of wrinkle/sag horror stories about manual pull down screens. The screen is convenient, but the surface of the projection screen was AWFUL. Even from 3m (10ft) away, i could...
  6. Samsung
    Hi guys I have a 46"plasma,when I watch tv I can see a white rolling line in the back ground.Does anyone have any idea's what this could be? thanks Gary
  7. DIY Screen Development and Testing
    I started rolling the 1x4 foot test panel at 8PM tonight; that was a mistake, I'm too used to spraying. It turns out I have to wait several hours between coats to roll when I am used to around 10 minutes between coats when spraying! I chose to use a 3 inch trim roller for several reasons; since...
  8. DIY Screens
    Thanks to a forum that will remain unnamed I have been directed to this fantastic forum that I otherwise knew nothing about. First off, kudos for developing such a pleasant and ingenious community. I am looking for a C&S mix for use with a JVC RS2 at 16' on a 106" (2.35) screen in a light...
1-8 of 8 Results