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  1. Can you overtreat/overdamp a listening/HT room?

    Home Audio Acoustics
    After reading an article in a popular Audiophile mag, one I try to read most of each month. I felt there was one article that was very different. I again looked over the article and there were a few things that now did stand out as a little light on critique and detail. The article was spread...
  2. rounded corners in room?

    Home Audio Acoustics
    hello everyone, I am in the stud phase of building a theatre room in my basement and was wondering if there is any truth in what has been suggesteed to me by a local a/v store. They suggested i round the corners in my room. Larger radius not just the small drywall corners...
  3. What size sub would work best in a 10'X10' square room?

    Home Audio Subwoofers
    I want to add a powered sub to my system. I have a small room where it will be it is only 10'X10'. Would a 12 be to big? Would I get better sound out of a smaller sub? I am thinking of purchasing the Dayton 12" from parts express...
  4. Ideas Please: Can a theater room be both open and closed to and adjacent room?

    Home Theater Design and Construction
    I just moved in to a new house and I finally have a basement. I'll be building a new dedicated theater room and I'm just starting the planning stages. At the moment, the basic room dimensions will be 14.5' x 21' x 9'. I'm looking at a 120" wide screen and two rows of seating. The door will...
  5. Poor graphs or great room?

    REW Forum
    Hi there, first of all I would like to say Hi to everyone on this forum and thank the authors of REW for taking the time to write and improve the program. I am using Vista with a RS 2050 meter and a Ber UCA 202 USB soundcard. I have done all the setup and calibrations as per the instructions...
  6. Ever use an 18" sealed and a 15" ported in the same room?

    Home Audio Subwoofers
    Because I am. And it sounds amazing. I had two subwoofers in two different locations, both DIY projects. One is a 10 cube tuned to 19hz monster that uses a resonant engineering RE HC 15, powered by a 1000w rms PE plate amp. The other is 5 cubes sealed with an 18" AA Havoc with an lt/1300...
  7. Proper TV size for room?

    Home Theater System Recommendations
    The room size is 18 x 13. Viewing distance would be closest 8 ft farthest around 18 ft. Thanks
  8. What can I do with this small room?

    Home Theater Design and Construction
    I am building a small family room in my basement and would to get a few opinions on what I can reasonably do with it. The room is 12' 4" by 11' 2 " and the ceiling height will be about 6' 9" after I put in the drop ceiling. So far I have framed it with 2x4's, put in the electrical (2 15 amp...
  9. Should I divide long room?

    Home Theater Design and Construction
    Though not a dedicated space, I use part of my basement family room as a 'media room' with a 50-inch plasma and 5.1 sound. The basement is a long rectangular space, about 40 X 14 but the TV area is only about 16 X 14. This leaves a lot of room for the sound to fill and bounce around. Would...
  10. What to do with my small room?

    Home Audio Acoustics
    I have been lurking here for about a year, learning from the fine folks here how to possibly better the sound of my room (a big thanks to all, especially the GIK and Realtraps sites what an education!). I finally gathered together the necessary equipment/knowledge to measure, and now have real...
  11. Do clips, GG, DD make a difference inside the room?

    Home Audio Acoustics
    Just as the thread title states, do Whisper Clips, Green Glue, double drywall, etc. make a difference inside the room or are they used merely to limit sound transmission through walls? I understand that the addition will reduce incoming noise, but if I have a perfectly quiet house it won't make...
  12. 5.1, 6.1, 7.1 which one for what room?

    Home Theater System Recommendations
    Hi I'm building a new home. I have a room that will be 4.45metres (14.6 feet) long by 3.74 metres (12.27 feet) wide by 2.54metres ( 8.3feet) high. I have been to a few stores selling HT components (AV receivers etc), with one store (that had branding on it windows stating BOSE, ONKYO etc) who...
  13. Anyone have a FP system in their main living room?

    Home Theater Projectors
    I've been going back and forth about this and I can't decide what I wanna do here. I would LOVE to have a FP system in my main living room. I have a dedicated small room upstairs right now and I love it and its great and all but its pitch black in there and isn't good for "entertaining" at all...
  14. Is an IB possible in my room?

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    Here are some pics - On the other side of the left wall is our water heater. On the right hand side is some water piping and the subpump stuff.
  15. Good speakers for small room?

    Home Audio Speakers
    I use to have my B&W in my room, but it sounds way better in the living room so it will stay there. I'm looking for a full range stereo bookshelves that will sound good in my room, its small. I thought of nearfield speakers... but not sure Also, powered would be better ! thx btw my room is...
  16. Large opening in room?

    Home Audio Acoustics
    I currently have over 20 GIK panels. I have a large opening in my room to my stairwell leading upstairs. Curious if it would make a difference if I bought a Monster Trap or a 244 and put it on a GIK stand and placed it in the opening while listening/watching if it would do anything? Or would it...
  17. Any benefit to having a front stage in the HT room?

    Home Theater Design and Construction
    I notice several homeowners building a stage in the front of their HT rooms. Is there any acoustical benefit or is it mainly for looks? I like the idea as for as cosmetics, but my mains will be well out from the front wall and the stage would have to be what I would consider deep, but maybe...
  18. PB12-NSD - Is it enough for my room?

    Does a PB12-NSD have enough power to fill a 3500 cubic foot room?
  19. The best color scheme you have seen for an HT room?

    Home Theater Design and Construction
    I am curious as to what is the best color scheme you have seen for a home theater room... or maybe a few of your favorites. Please try to post the picture here, if that is not feasible, linking to it is fine. Thanks! Maybe what we should consider sometime is nominating the top home theater...
  20. Do I use reflection, defussion, or absorbtion in the rear of the room?

    Home Audio Acoustics
    Here is what I have so far... Room is 18 feet Deep by 17 feet wide about 7.75 feet high I have 8 panels of 2" 703 fiberglass panels and I plan on mounting them 2 left and right of the screen, 2 on the right wall front.( I have a double door that hits the middle of the room, 2 on the left front...