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  1. New Room need to measure and adjust room.

    REW Forum
    Hey All, I had bought a U-Mik several years ago and ran some measurements but never fully understood what REW was all about.. I sold the U-Mik as I did not really understand it's worth. Now some years later I have a better understanding of REW and why we need to take measurements.. My Old room...
  2. New to projection, need help with setup for a living room

    Home Theater Projectors
    Hi all, I'm looking to get my first projector for a living room. I read through the guide in the sticky section. I have NOT bought a projector yet :) My living room is basically square but open on one side. It's about 15ft from one wall to the other. It has a few windows and there is ambient...
  3. Mathaudio Room EQ

    REW Forum
    Does any one works with Mathaudio Room EQ or could make an comparison with other Roomcorrection software. Found it quite simpel to work with incomparison with REW The results are for me excelent. I work with Mathaudio in combination with Foobar2000 no cost involve.
  4. Mathaudio Room EQ

    REW Forum
    Does any one works with Mathaudio Room EQ or coukd make an comparison with other Roomcorrectio sofware. Found it quite simpel to work with.results are for me briljant. I wirk with Mathaudio in combination with Foobar2000 no cost involve.
  5. Room design question re: dual sub placement

    AV Home Theater
    I'm rebuilding my basement theater. It's irregularly shaped, as shown in the attached drawing. The screen wall (on the left of the drawing) is 14' 1" wide. The main part of the room is 15' 9"' deep, but halfway across it goes back another 6' 3" into a recessed area. My wire-frame equipment...
  6. Room optimisation system with black IKEA Tupplur roller blinds

    Home Theater Design and Construction
    Hi all, I would like to achieve an effect as similar as possible to the one achieved by Anna&Flo in this video https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=1692721894385217 They achieved such an amazing result by creating a 3in1 triple black velvet curtains system, which, when pulled, simultaneously...
  7. Sub placement problem in large room

    AV Home Theater
    I'm working on a friend's home theater and am really struggling to figure out an optimal placement for the sub(s). Attached is a rough SketchUp of the room, the difficult part from what I've read is that the front of the room is the tallest wall. This can't be changed unfortunately due to doors...
  8. New theater/media room

    Home Theater System Recommendations
    Wanting to build a fireplace with big screen TV over it , then three feet in front of that , a slot in the ceiling in which the 12’ screen comes down through to hide everything and watch movies. Can you split the output on a receiver (one to tv, one to projector )without losing quality
  9. New room setup

    Home Audio Acoustics
    Hi guy's Just about to move into a new house and thinking about my new listening room, or should I say what's going to be my room! The room is approximately 5mts square, I know it's not ideal but we have to work with what's there. Two walls are unrendered brick, another wall is plaster board...
  10. Help with first projector room setup

    System Setup and Connection
    I am trying to purchase my first projector. We have a dedicated room with no windows. I have been dreaming about the LG HU80KA. I just measured my wall for a 150" screen. Oh...my... That's so big. I don't think I realized. I'm wondering if there are resources for how far away to sit and how far...
  11. Media room with 5 ceiling speakers - 5.1 or Atmos 5.1.4?

    AV Home Theater
    We bought a new house recently and it comes with a media room which is 16'8" x 15'10" (5.08m x 4.83m) in size. The ceiling is vaulted and goes from 10ft (3.04m) at the walls to 12ft (3.65m) at the highest point. There is a 120" projector screen on the front wall and 5 in-ceiling speakers. Three...
  12. My small basement tv/theatre room pic.

    Home Theater Design and Construction
    I have a lot of pics of the amount of work that went into this 6yr project, like digging the whole basement down 3 feet. Anyways here is a pic so far dont mind the front porch furniture.lol I didnt get any furniture yet.
  13. First attempt at room treatments

    Home Audio Acoustics
    OK, so I've started the journey into improving my room. First thing I built is an 8ft by 2ft bass trap with R19 paper face out: material specs from http://www.bobgolds.com/AbsorptionCoefficients.htm PRODUCT THICKNESS MOUNTING 125HZ 250HZ 500HZ 1000HZ 2000HZ 4000HZ Paper Out 6.25" R19 on...
  14. Room EQ with satellite + full range combination.

    REW Forum
    Hi shacksters, I've been using REW for some years now, with great results. In the past I've been using 5 KEF 2005 satellite's(eggs) and a BK monolith subwoofer. When I look at this combination now, I realize this is pretty straight forward EQ. I had the crossover at 80 Hz for all speakers. And...
  15. Different approach to room equalization?

    REW Forum
    Hi I've been reading the article written by David Griesinger "SPACIOUSNESS AND LOCALIZATION IN LISTENING ROOMS -HOW TO MAKE COINCIDENT RECORDINGS SOUND AS SPACIOUS AS SPACED MICROPHONE ARRAYS" and came across this idea: "... In fact, we may be using our two channel room equalizers in the...
  16. HT Room

    Home Theater Design and Construction
    Hey guys been working on a sketch of my HT room and wanted to get some input. I have placed acoustic panels behind the front speakers and the first reflection point(guessed at this placement); and I know I'll need bass traps later when I get the build finished. My question is do I need to cover...
  17. Speaker Placement in a Small Room

    Home Theater Design and Construction
    Hi, We are thinking of altering our home cinema to deal with some of the rooms acoustical problems. Hopefully soon we shall be buying some news floor-standing speakers that will be able to move away from the main (wall with the screen on) wall. I've read that speakers should be at least 2ft...
  18. Ideal room response

    REW Forum
    I've been doing some experimenting today. When I turned my subs by ear listening to music I got this: which looks like this when I did a FR sweep: The bass is 5 positions across my listening couch. I did a little fiddling to get flat and got this: Is there a balance that is preferred or...
  19. Glenn's living room

    Home Theater Room Photos (Finished Rooms Only)
    ***(UPDATED 2012 PHOTOS/EQUIPMENT IN POST #13)*** The poor image on the tv screen is not what it looks like in person. I designed my house and had a few specialties added for the audio/video equipment. The location of my stuff was pre-planned so I had extra outlets placed where needed and...
  20. My living Room System

    Home Theater Room Photos (Finished Rooms Only)
    Here is a photo of my living room combination 2 channel and H/T system from the listening/viewing seat. I just built the speaker stands and rack. I am building 2 sonotube subs that will lay on their sides on either side of the rack, the faceplates will match the rack and stands.