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  1. System Setup and Connection
    Hi all, have a question for you all. I have the above receiver, sub is a CSS SDX-15 powered by a Dayton Audio SA1000 amp. Amp is connected to pre out for sub. I ran the YPAO setup, it finds the sub, and I hear it during the setup. Problem is, there is no output from the sub otherwise. I have...
  2. General Service and Technical Information
    I can turn on system and select zone 2 but nothing happens. Sometimes, can unplug Yamaha and plug back in and Zone 2 works and will work for as long as system is on. Then, when system shut down, MAYBE zone 2 will work but most often not. Then I unplug Yamaha for a few minutes and it may come...
  3. Home Theater Receivers | Processors | Amps
    Hi, I am hoping someone could help me with this issue. I have had my receiver for just over two years now. The problem started small, but has gradually gotten worse and worse. Basically, the audio cuts out for a few seconds and then returns. Sometimes it does so every 10 minutes, sometimes...
  4. Home Theater Receivers | Processors | Amps
    What is the best setting for 7.1. Right now I have it on Movie Theater Standard. Should I put it on Pure Direct? I use ps3 for blu ray linear pcm
  5. Home Theater Receivers | Processors | Amps
    Hi All, I purchased a Yamaha receiver in May of 2014 (Aventage 677) I think. But after finding out about it lacking HDMI 2.0 I decided to return it and wait for the next years model. I recently purchased the Yamaha RX A840 and to my disappointment I came across a discussion around HDCP 2.2...
  6. Video Game Systems | Video Games
    Hi, I just bought an RX-3030 and I've connected HDMI cords to cable box (AV-1), DVD player (AV-2), and XBOX 360 (AV-3). I have connected the HDMI (out1) to my Samsung HDTV that's about 4 years old. The cable box and DVD player are working perfectly but I'm having a problem with the XBOX: 1.]...
  7. System Setup and Connection
    Can you use airplay on zone 2 for this receiver? so in other words i want to use pandora on zone 2 via apple airplay on a yamaha rx v675, will this work?
  8. Home Theater Receivers | Processors | Amps
    Trying to hook my LG BD610 blu ray player to my yamaha rxv463 reciever to play it on my optoma hd20 projector... the problem im having is the picture just keeps flashing but im getting sound..i hooked the blu ray to my tv directly and the picture is fine
  9. Home Theater Receivers | Processors | Amps
    I just found this out...Yamaha will be releasing the new RX Z11 in November. here It has 11.1 channels! and every mode you can think of. The retail price I can only imagine will be way out of my league but its nice to dream... :daydream:
1-9 of 10 Results