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    Nice site! I've got a Marantz VP4001...finishing up a WilsonArt DW 116" screen to replace my BO drop cloth. Sound is via an Onkyo A/V receiver, Snell and M&K speakers...using a Samsung Bluray player and XBOX 360. First front projector, display is awesome...still learning. I did a DIY ceiling...
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    Hello hello. Can beat the weather in SD, and I also hear the subwoofers made down here ain't too bad either :) My job & hobbies are programming and designing drivers & systems.
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    Howdy ya'll, I've been into home theater for 6 years now and things are FINALLY coming together. I'm a Craigslist audiophile. What does that mean? Well, I browse Craigslist every day and look for opportunities to upgrade my gear. For example, I started with a Radio Shack Optimus passive sub...
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    Hi All! :) I'm new to this forum, but not to forums or the Internet...I remember the good old says of newsgroups, telnet, irc, gopher, and lynx (how many of you guys were around back when lynx was introduced ;) Anyway, my name is Ali Irani-Tehrani. As you can see from the title, I'm writing...
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    hey folks, found this forum from another forum (martin logan club) and there was a thread about some room measurment software that i thought would be fun to mess around with...since i had to join this forum (so the software said) to dl the software, i took a look around and i liked what i saw...
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    Hello forum members, I am excited and eager to learn from all of you. I am new to Home Theatre so please bear with me on any noob questions I may have. I am looking forward to viewing what kind of setups other members have. See you in the forums.:wave: robnsin1
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    Hi everyone, I've been trolling various audio forums for several years & I'm quite glad to have stumbled across the Shack. For the past week I've been getting familiar with the place & I gotta say that this forum rocks! Good, friendly advise without the attitude - very refreshing. I've been a...
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    Looks like a great place! Look forward to another neet spot to visit and learn and share diy info.
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    Hey Folks, Looks like a nice site you have here. About me. Been in and out of audio since the mid 70's. Worked with a lot of local bands (turned down touring with the Doobie Bros :duh: ) Used to really be into speaker building but stopped in the 90's. I've been working on/remodeling on the...