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  1. REW Forum
    I have saved RTA spectrum views with the SAVE button, and then these are saved in an *.mdat file, but I haven't worked out how to view this saved "peak data" again in the RTA, if indeed I can. There is a hint on p.158 of the PDF V5.19 HELP file "The saved measurements can be used as references...
  2. REW Forum
    Hi, I haven't been able to discover what controls the creation of the date and time stamp on the saved graph of the RTA. When I save a spectrum measurement as a JPEG I have sometimes had the date and time added, but recently the box is greyed out and I just see "no measurement". I'm running REW...
  3. REW Forum
    Greetings. The SPL calibration for my measurement mic is not being saved after I exit REW. I can run the SPL calibration from the meter screen (using a CheckMate SPL meter to measure level at the mic) which turns the red numbers on the meter to white, but if I close REW and open it again the...
  4. REW Forum
    Hi REW Experts. I have done a few measurements yesterday. Everything went well calibration of the sound-card setting SPL etc. In the end we had some nice graphs and waterfalls etc. We where happy how good the room turned out over time 200 ms nearly everywhere. But today when I try to open the...
  5. REW Forum
    How do I apply a saved filter set to the current measuement it was made from to see the results?
  6. REW Forum
    hy i am new user of REW. i have a problem with using SPL meter.when i use logger and record the data.i cannot open it in REW.i attemped with all of the supported types such as txt. but everytime i recieved this error.(i attached it to mail)
  7. REW Forum
    Just started taking a few measurments to get the hang of it, then i saved a few to see how that works, Now i would like to Delete those Saved Files and can't figure out how. I've tried right clicking on the Saved file looking for - Delete but there is none . How do you get rid of saved files ??
  8. Mitsubishi
    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I took my old Mitsubishi WD62725 to a great tech that i have used before with a purple haze video issue that we decided was a capacitor problem very common to this generation of Mitsi TVs apparently. He told me the...
  9. Two Channel Audio
    Have you ever been seduced by surrround sound? A few years back when Dolby Pro Logic II was introduced I was excited to listen to all my music with the processing. I spent hours tweaking the settings to get the most 3D image I could. Eventually I found the sound to be more of a gimic than an...
1-9 of 9 Results