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  1. Razor Thin: Harman Kardon's New Sabre SB 35 Soundbar

    Home Theater, Audio and Video News
    Soundbars. They make purists cringe but appeal to the masses for obvious reasons, offering reasonable price points, easy installation, inconspicuously small footprints, and noticeable sound improvement over standard television speakers. Over the past few months we’ve reported on several new...
  2. What's better? DTS Surround (SB ON) or DTS + PLiiX + Movie

    Audio Processing
    Hey there, I've got an interesting setting on my new Marantz 6007 receiver. When playing back a movie on my 7.2 system ( in DTS 5.1 ) it's giving my the option of the above. What's the difference between the two? I know that PLiiX will take a signal and split it to the rear surrounds, So is...
  3. New build using SB acoustics drivers

    DIY Speakers
    Hi All, I'm wanting to build a new set of front tower speakers using SB Acoustics drivers. Reasons why: They are readily available in OZ, great value for money, and have good specs. I've looked and there doesn't seem to be any designs for WWMTM using above brand. What I was proposing is...
  4. Atlantic Technology 642e SB THX Subwoofer Review

    Speaker and Subwoofer Reviews
    Introduction Atlantic Technology is a well established audio company seeking to provide products with excellent performance at very reasonable prices. The company currently produces a range of speakers (including bookshelf, floorstanding, surround, and in-wall), subwoofers, soundbars, and a...
  5. Atlantic Technology 642e SB THX

    The Sub Zone (Subwoofer Testing)
    Atlantic Technology 642e SB THX Manufacturer Specs Type/Features Powered subwoofer, sealed enclosure High efficiency tracking amplifier 2-inch, four layer vented aluminum voice coil, vented motor Continuous 40–140Hz crossover, 18dB/octave low pass output Variable low level stereo inputs and...
  6. Integrating Creative SB X-Fi Pro with REW 5.0

    REW Forum
    Hi Everyone.....I am completely new to calibrating sub with REW; but I've had 2 years experience with manual and PAINFUL calibration using RS Analog SPL meter and test tones. Thanx to all on this great forum; I decided to go the REW way. I've been reading a lot and used REW 5.0 for the very...
  7. SB Touch

    Computers | HTPC | Media Servers
    Just picked up a SB Touch and was wondering if anybody uses an outboard D/A with theirs and what is it? Thanx
  8. Going back to SB Live External ...

    SPL Meters | Mic's | Calibration | Sound Cards
    So while I trouble shoot my MobilePre issue, thought I'd try the old SB card with my Galaxy CM-140 meter. But I can't seem to reduce a 8db difference between the input and output sections? Using the new Win 7 drivers if that makes a difference. Can't recall if I had this issue before or not...
  9. Problems with Input and Ouput SB Live

    REW Forum
    I have an internal SBLive card. It's the only sound card in the computer. When I try to calibrate my card, I get a message " SPL Meter Audio Input Not Available". On the REW setting page, I set the input and output as default, and I also tried other settings, but nothing seems to work. All I...
  10. sb live setup help

    REW Forum
    I'm trying to get usb sb live 24bit setup, but i'm not able to see everything that the setup guide shows. for example: on "surround mixer", the only slide bars that I have available are Master Control Volume, Source Volume, and CD Audio. No sliders for line in. I have my RS SPL hooked up to...
  11. Trouble calibrating SB audigy2zs in REW- need help

    REW Forum
    I have the notebook style ( pcmcia) SB audigy 2 zs and every time I try to calibrate with a loopback cable, I get a message that clipping occurred. I read in the help files something about setting record advanced contols to "record without monitoring". I have been searching all the varius menus...
  12. SB live external line out?

    REW Forum
    Got the SB external for my laptop. Dumb question, where is the line OUT? I can only find the line in jack. Are the headphone jacks used as line level?:innocent: Thx
  13. SB Live External soundcard calibration not working

    REW Forum
    I'm using the new 4.0 version... Connected all cables and set soundcard to settings from the thread at the stickies. 1) starting rew, going to settings, selecting inputs and outputs... 2) Then measuring the response of my soundcards, using a 3,5mm to 2xRCA --- RCA Cable - 2XRCA to 3,5mm...
  14. Problem playing wavs on SB Live! 24

    Computers | HTPC | Media Servers
    I bought the SB Live! 24 specifically to use with REW as my laptop did not have a line in. I am currently trying to connect it to my stereo system to play wavs. However, I have a problem playing lossless wav files from my laptop over the Soundblaster Live! in that the sound gets choppy...
  15. SB Audigy 2 Platinum and REW

    REW Forum
    OK... I have the 1124p hooked up to my computer. The analog output of the new digital RS SPL meter is plugged into the RCA Auxillary 2 input (on the front of the computer) of the Creative Audigy 2 Platinum sound card. The ouput (line out on the back of the computer) is directly hooked up to the...
  16. SB MP3+ or M-Audio for laptop

    REW Forum
    Okay, I ordered the SoundBlaster MP3+ from the HP website and now it looks like it is backordered. So this got me thinking (always dangerous): My goal is eventually to get a ECM8k mic, which needs phantom power. The only preamps that are readily available and "good" are pretty big and require...
  17. Can't take measurements with SB External USB

    REW Forum
    I bought a Sound Blaster 24-bit External USB to use with my laptop. The measurements that REW take don't reflect what the SPL is reading. I selected "Speaker" for the output. For the input, the only choices I have are "Microphone" and "What U Hear". The "What U Hear" option is the only one...