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  1. Looking for help with my first measurements, SVS SB12 and KRK mains

    REW Forum
    Hi, I'm hoping for some help and advise with my first measurements, just for mains and sub at this point, I'll look at the centre and surrounds later! My setup is SVS SB-12 sub and KRK powered mains (Rokit-6 on stands) Sony STR DB1080 receiver. Crossover set by receiver at 80Hz, mains set as...
  2. Two SB-2000 Or Two SB12-NSD

    I am thinking about these two subs which do you think would be the cleaner sounding sub crossed at 80HZ for music only? My room is 16.4X13.5X8...
  3. SVS SB12+ upgrade options?

    Home Audio Subwoofers
    I’m thinking of upgrading my SVS SB12+ subwoofer. I absolutely cannot get anything much larger than the SB12. Maybe 18” max in width. Also, it must be available in a wood finish, preferably some kind of red wood or maple. I thought about the SVS SB13-ultra or one of the PSA sealed subs but...
  4. SVS SB-12 NSD and Denon 3312 HOOK UP PRoblems

    Home Audio Subwoofers
    I just got my SVS SB-12NSD I have a Denon 3312 and I the sub is hooked up using the quick start guide provided but only plays when I am playing from my blue ray or dvd. I would like for the sub to play when I am watching a movie from television ( i have a optical cord running from out of TV to...
  5. New SVS Dual SB12 NSDs

    My new gloss black SVS Dual SB12 NSD subs will arrive tomorrow on March 25. Was looking at the SB13 just thought the two smaller units would work better in my space. Pumped !! :bigsmile:
  6. PC12 or SB12

    Hi there - I'm in need of help I'm about to buy my first sub. I'm thinking of buying either one SB12-nsd or one pc12-nsd dsp, but I'm not sure which one to choose. My wife will accept the pc12, but is the PC12 as fast and articulate as the sb12 for music? Is one of the two sub's better for...
  7. Forum newbie considering a SVS SB12 Plus

    Home Audio Subwoofers
    Considering buying my first ever subwoofer. I've heard great things about SVS and am compelled by the review of the above model here. I'd like to use this for both audio and home theater. Is there anything I need to know about this type of set-up? My room is approximately 20' x 15' with an...
  8. Using an external preamp with the SB12-Plus

    I recently purchased an SVS SB12-Plus as a replacement for two Yamaha YST-SW100 subs. The Yamaha subs have gain and crossover controls on the front of the sub making adjustments on-the-go rather easy. The SB12-Plus has a much broader menu of controls, but they are all located on the back of...
  9. SB12 plus needs new home

    This is the kind of review I was looking for, you've sold me. Gathering my pennies to get this baby. Room size 12x17 My problem will be placement; I don't have a free corner to put the new sub, except behind the TV in the corner, where it is very enclosed (current location). The wife thinks the...
  10. Poll: Piano Black or Black Vinyl on SB12 Plus

    Poll: Piano Black or Black Vinyl on SVS SB12 Plus? Piano Black Advantages: looks nicer (looks expensive) magnetic grill holders Black Vinyl Advantages: cheaper no fingerprints