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    I upgraded from a Denon 2803 to this unit. I will say that I am pleasantly surprised with the ability for the receiver to drive my Klipsch towers. I listened for 2 hrs and did not have near the fatigue that I got from the Denon. I did not have all my gear hooked up and usually run a Rotel...
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    Looking for the above models or a smokin deal on a later SC-25 or SC-27 receiver but I do not expect to be able to find one. Don't need for another few weeks. Thanks
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    Hi Everyone :) New to the forum ;) Wanted to see how people are experiencing the new Pioneer Elite SC-07? I have just ordered one after going head-to-head with the Denon AVR-3808ci (a challenge won by the Pioneer ;) Interested to know how longer term users are experiencing this receiver
1-3 of 3 Results