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  1. The REAL Scam in Audio

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    Anyone who has been reading the thread here on audio cables must have noticed the fireworks on display. Apparently some shacksters feel that paying a lot of money for high end cables is a scam. I think that is getting it backwards. Think for a moment, if you manufactured speakers let's say why...
  2. History of the White Van speaker scam

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    Article from Digital Trends "The long and storied history of the white van speaker scam" May be a useful reference to educate non-audio savvy friends and family. The list of the "company names" (using that term in its loosest possible form) clumsily intended to deceive their target sheep was...
  3. Profesional Looking Internet Consumer Electronics Retailer SCAM

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    Shoos could have posted it better on the Scam report sites. Many people are on a tight budget in these economic times and we spend countless hours trying to shave off a few dollars when searching on the Internet for goods in order to save Money. In my quest to find a BenQ SP940 the cheapest ran...
  4. psr1.com - SCAM - STAY AWAY

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    Basically this is the gist of it all. I had a perfectly working PS3. My problem was that the HDMI port wasn't working. So I just used it over component cables. I've been using the unit for months like this and decided to see if I can get it fixed so i can watch movies in 1080P instead of 1080i...
  5. Help me out, what's the scam here?

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    So I have an ad on Craigslist and I got an email asking if the item was still available. I responded in the affirmative and then got this response: Now, there's clearly something wrong for a variety of reasons: 1. If he can't come see it, why not ask for more pics? 2. Why employ a mover to...
  6. Car Scam

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    I found an ad on our local Craigslist that appears to be a scam. A car that is probably worth $11-12,000 selling for $3,000. :rolleyesno: I sent them an email and advised them to bring the title and car to me at my office and I would buy it if the car and title was legit. This is the response...