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  1. Surround scenes

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    So, the other "movie"thread inspired this question. What are some of your favorite scenes,with standout surround sound moments? Scenes that just make you go, whoa, that's what it's all about. Kind of like the scenes with "bass in yo face" threads. One off hand for me is, in Peter Jacksons King...
  2. Mass effect 3 Reference material scenes

    Video Game Systems | Video Games
    Hello, i am an avid game player as well as blu ray watcher. Love hi def stuff. Last night i was playing mass effect 3 and in one of the final battles had serious reference level capabilities for showing off a system. I was playing the Call to Arms scene near the end, where you mobilize all the...
  3. Top 10 Blu-ray scenes to show off your Home Theater

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    Source: Digital Trends
  4. 1st attempt with painted white screen - contrast drops on bright scenes

    DIY Screens
    Hi all, I'm not only new to this forum, but also new to the home theater scene. After a lot of research and reading on forums I decided to buy the Epson 8350. I also want to make (paint) my own screen. Our HT is in our basement and 95% of the time the room will be completely dark when watching...
  5. Dark Scenes Breaking Up on HD Over the Air

    HDTV | Video Displays | Processors
    Hi Everyone, I hope this I'm posting this in the right forum. I have a Samsung SIR-T351 over the air high-def set top box. I've had it for a while, and for the most part it works great except for one problem. When the scene is very dark, the signal breaks up for a few seconds, before coming...
  6. Flickering mostly on bright scenes Benq w500

    Home Theater Projectors
    Ok i havent had the red pixel problem in a long time now. But just recently i noticed that the whole screen flickers now, its starts randomly, i can pause tv or dvd and it still flickers. Ive tried component, hdmi, and also both from my hd dvd player and my vip 722 dish HD reciever. It...
  7. What are your favorite DEMO scenes?

    Movies | TV Shows | Hollywood
    What scenes from what DVD's do you put in when you want to show off your hard work and research of building a quality Home Theater? My favorites are: WOW--the lightning and 1st tripod rising scenes (3-4?), King of bass scenes, with some startlingly loud crashes and explosions LOTR...