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  1. Sony STR-AV920 receiver schematic needed or repair help

    Hello all! My first time on this forum! :) so please excuse any mistake i may make. Anyway i recently got a receiver its a Sony STR-AV920 pretty big and heavy it does not work for jack :crying: I looked into it and it apears to missing all of the output transistors plus i see a few burnt small...
  2. V26 PWB-Power Schematic

    I was given a 4 year old WD-62825 with the green blinking light. 1. I replaced the DM caps, based on another thread. 2. Powered on and then unit would not boot. 3. diagnosed to the PWB-Power, No power to DM now. Anyone have a schematic for the PWB-power? I also noticed that I can't hear the...
  3. Definitive technology CLR 2000 speaker Xover schematic

    General Service and Technical Information
    I would greatly appreciate if someone has the crossover schematic for the DEf Tech Clr 2000 speaker. Also if anyone knows where to find it on line I would be in your debt! Thanks
  4. Wiring Schematic

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    How do I wire my EP2500 to my fiQ-18 D-2. I am almost finished with my nasty sonosub build and i wanna hear it play. A simple schematic in paint would be worth a thousand words. I used to do car audio stuff ~10 years ago and I some how forgot how to bridge and parallel/series wire things...