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  1. 103" Theater Screen? Suggestion on Inwall LCR??

    Home Audio Speakers
    Ok guys I am designing a home theater in a large room. We are doing a 103" screen. The customer is looking at doing in wall lcr speakers and I was looking to see what you thought. We want midrange to high stuff here. I was trying to get away from the center channel so I was looking at Artison...
  2. The Right Screen?

    Manufactured Screens
    I recently purchased the Mitsubishi HC 6800 projector. I am shopping for a screen and the Home Theater installer and salesman recommended the Da-Lite JKP cinema contour screen. I respect this guys opinion b/c he has not steered me in the wrong direction ever since I have been dealing with him...
  3. Can you show me your Laminate screen?

    DIY Screens
    I'd like to make a Laminate screen. I heard good things. Can you guys show me your Laminate screens with a moving playing and without. Any recommendations would be fantastic. (colour, make and so on)
  4. HD180 screen?

    DIY Screens
    Hey everyone, Recently got Optoma HD180 (haven't received yet) and looking for a Diy Screen paint. 1. Screen will be approx size of 4ft by 8ft 2. Not sure what substrate to use so any ideas for something cheap would be greatly appreciated (though leaning toward thrifty white hardboard...
  5. Epson 8350 and 133" screen?

    Home Theater Projectors
    Room Size: 18.5' x 13' x 7' Environment: Total Light Control I originally planed on using a Da-Lite 119" screen with this projector and in fact, I already ordered it. However, this weekend I really decided to move up to the 133" screen. I think I can still change my order since they have not...
  6. Border ideas for wall painted screen?

    DIY Screens
    Ive got the paint for a C&S screen im planning to paint directly on the wall today, but Im having a hard time figuring out what Im going to do for a border. How do people usually attach their borders, and is there a way I can do it that will allow me to alter screen size without too much fuss...
  7. 110", small room. Easy screen?

    DIY Screens
    I'll be painting the room a slightly darker color, but in the past theres been so much splashback from the screen that it washed the image pretty badly. I'm running an Optoma HD70 at 12' in a 14X16 room. White cieling, light carpet and a black area rug under the screen. Its been forever since...
  8. Newbie, HD20. Good ~110" Screen?

    DIY Screens
    First, a big thanks to the maintainers of (and contributors to) this site. This place is a gold mine of information, especially for a person like myself who's new to the home-theater scene. I'm putting together a basic setup - my first home theater, replacing an ancient 27" TV, which gives me...
  9. Treatment behind non-perf screen?

    Home Audio Acoustics
    Hey gang, Trying to decide if this is worth it. I have a 7.1 setup in my home theater room. The screen, 100" from 2x4" framing and blackout cloth, is one of the primary first reflection points of nearly all the speakers. I was debating on putting some 2" rockwool I have behind the screen to...
  10. Higher Quality or Bigger Screen?

    HDTV | Video Displays | Processors
    Hi all Long time lurker. Finally got the beans together to buy a tv. Think I want plasma...not gonna mention brand cause it will distract from my question. I am on a careful $3000 Cdn budget. The viewing distance will be about 13 to 14 feet. Question: Should I go with a top drawer 50 to 55...
  11. Convert Da-Lite retractable to fixed screen?

    DIY Screens
    Hi all - I am currently finishing up drywall on a dedicated HT. Completed room size is 11.5x17.5. I currently have a 120" fixed Vapex screen which I love but it's slightly too big to fit on the screen wall in my HT. I also have a 106" retractable high powered Da-lite screen which has served me...
  12. Help me... Where can i buy perforated or woven screen material to make my own screen?

    DIY Screens
    I want to have my speakers behind the screen. I have a panasonic ae4000u projector. I am using a 2 to 1 ratio. My screen needs to be 140'' wide by 70'' high. The projector will be 19 feet away from the screen. Although the room is a dedicated theater with no light, I am afraid that I will need a...
  13. Time to re-roll my Goo Screen? Advice needed please.

    DIY Screens
    Gentlemen, My 8 foot wide 16:9 screen was primed with Kilz and then painted using screen goo digital grey which was given to me by a friend who had an extra quart. Nice guy, huh? He was invaluable in helping me with my setup. Anyway... I followed the directions exactly, except for one...
  14. Can I re-try rolling a Screen Goo screen?

    General Screen Discussion
    I love my digital grey screen and it's been several months since i rolled it on. The problem is that I left some small vertical lines because I pressed too hard. Can I just roll another coat on top and do you think it would cover the lines?
  15. part number for Jo-anns BOC for screen?

    DIY Screens
    Is there a part number? Just want to get the right stuff the first time. thanks!
  16. Anamorphic projection but NOT curved screen?

    Home Theater Projectors
    During my reading over the last several months I have somehow come under the impression that anamorphic projection required a curved screen for pincushion projection. In a different thread I learned from Prof. that this may not be the case. I am creating this separate thread for my specific...
  17. Roll up window blind as a screen?

    DIY Screens
    A new member posted an idea that he is using and it really got me thinking. Using a rollup window blind as a screen, It seems like such a simple and cheep way to go I cant believe I never gave that idea any thought. Would a roll up blind for windows work as a screen and has any one tried it?
  18. BW on a pull down screen?

    DIY Screens
    Ok I will give info on my current set up and see what you think in terms of BW and which shade/formula: Room 12'x 20' walls painted dark brown, ceiling white (vaulted) Projector about 13' from screen about 8' from floor (height) Seating 20' (one row sofa height not elevated) Room has 4...
  19. Which comes first: The projector or the screen?

    System Setup and Connection
    I have both, but I'm not sure which to mount first (106" fixed frame or PT AE3000U)-any ideas/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  20. center channel above screen?

    Home Audio Acoustics
    I have heard the best place for the center channel is above the screen, I have a 9.5 foot cealing in my movie room so when I bought my screen I had to build it down a couple feet. I would have to buy a couple of 2X6's but I could throw it up there.......any benefit?? Or is it just fine under...