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  1. How do you take a good screenshot?

    DIY Screens
    I've seen some pictures of paused DIYscreens that look amazing in here. They also look accurate. How do you folks manage to get pictures that don't either blow out the hightlights or crush the shadows? I've been borrowing an SLR and learning some of the manual settings for aperture and shutter...
  2. Screenshots - Neutral Grey with Pearl

    DIY Screens
    Well, paint has only cured for a day, but here are some screenies. Pictures look like green is too strong, but I don't remember thinking that as I watched the movie. I shall have to pay more attention to that. HD65, 92" Screen. Screen is melamine with Behr Silver Screen using 4850, and Behr...
  3. Misconvergence/Chromatic aberration: post screenshots here

    Home Theater Projectors
    We know that misconvergence is common to 3LCD projectors because they have 3 panels that have to converge at a single point. Failure to do so results in misconvergence. Misconvergence will vary from projector to another but won't vary given a single projector either it is used in telephoto or...
  4. My laminate screenshots..

    DIY Screens
    I built a laminate screen in the thread link below. Instead of filling the thread with more pictures I decided to start a new one. The laminate used was a special color code. The projector was the Epson HC 720 and I was sitting about 12' away. I suggest you read the screen build thread first...