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  1. Matching sub woofer for CSS SD12 ?

    Creative Sound Solutions
    I built a ported sub woofer a few years back using the CSS SD12. I would like to build another one, but the SD12 is no longer available. Any suggestions for another subwoofer to match closely to the SD12, would be greatly appreciated. The specs for the SD12 are: Fs 23.3 Hz Re 3.6 ohms Qts .387...
  2. SD12 or SDX12 or TRIO12

    Creative Sound Solutions
    A confusing plethora of 12inch subs here! What are the differences in real life? Does there really need to be that many? Why would a user pick one over the other?
  3. SD12 vs. SDX15 for HT use

    Creative Sound Solutions
    Hi everyone, I have been lurking around for quite some time but have never posted. I am looking to build a sub for 90% HT/10% music use, the room it will be going is roughly 12x22x8 with a staircase and hall which is roughly 4x15x8. Right now I have Zaph Audio's BAMTM for the LCR's and...
  4. CSS SD12 subwoofer

    Creative Sound Solutions
    Hello, This will be my first subwoofer project. I would like to build a vented enclosure powered sub based on the CSS SD12 subwoofer. I would like to know if anyone used the double port desing found on the CSS website or the baffle-vent desing on the Solen.ca website. (I intend to use the BASH...
  5. Creative Sound Solutions SD12 Sub

    Creative Sound Solutions
    Hello, I am a newbie to DIY speakers so I beg your patience. I have decided for a project to build a sub with my 14 year old son. We can learn together! I have chosen to build this sub project kindly put on this forum by Mike. I want to use the same design only with the CSS SDX12 sub and the...
  6. 12 Inch Sub (SD12)

    Creative Sound Solutions
    Hi all, I've built a couple of pairs of speakers before (floorstanders & bookshelves), and have decided it time to tackle the sub that they both want/need. I want fairly tight and accurate bass for music and HT is secondary, so i've decided a sealed sub should do the trick. I'm building a...
  7. SD12?

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    Anyone have any experience with CSS's SD12? I'm pretty sure I'm going to get that and the 300 watt bash plate amp, slap them in a 2-3 cubic foot (sealed) enclosure for my 11*12 room. Right now I've got a 240 watt dayton, with a Mach5 MAW15 in a ~5.5 vented tuned to 14-15 Hz. I'm tired of...
  8. ShadowSD12 for CSS SD12 Subduction

    Creative Sound Solutions
    Hi, A while back i posted a teaser on the Shadow SD12 Nagaoka-style BVR... i have finally got the documents posted. It hasn't been built yet, but designs that have been, and were designed using the same methodology have proven to mirror the sims well...
  9. Shiva Graphs to compare with SD-12

    REW Forum
    I figured out REW over the weekend, and here are 2 graphs I made with my 88.5liter vented shiva tuned to 25hz. First, near field. The SPL was calibrated around 85: Next is taken around 8 feet away, as close as the wires would allow to listening position. SPL at the proper 75db as I figured...