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  1. sdtv convergence???

    My step-daughter's friend asked me to fix(?) her tv if I can. It seems to have a convergence issue, but for a standard single tube tv I don't know what to think. The red (predominantly) is out of allignment with the other colors, not so bad it is unwatchable, but enought that it bothers her...
  2. Toshiba 42XV545U LCD TV Reviewed

    HDTV | Video Displays | Processors
    The Toshiba 42XV545U LCD TV has just been reviewed on HomeTheaterReview. Toshiba knows that the DTV transition is upon us, albeit a little delayed for now. The company is well enough aware that, just because broadcasters are sending out the TV signals digitally, this doesn't mean everything...
  3. Good 60+" RPTV for both HDTV and SDTV

    Home Theater Systems | Equipment
    I've got a couple of HDTV's (Panasonic 50" plasma and Samsung 67" DLP), but neither of them have as good a picture when watching SDTV as my old 53" Sony XBR (tube-based RPTV). Wife still watches several SDTV-only channels; and we have a large collection of DVD's that we have no plans to replace...