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  1. Sonosub Cat Tree build CSS SDX10

    Ported Subwoofer Build Projects
    Hey guys, wifey says no to a boxed sub in the living room, so I came up with a compromise :D Since my wife is a crazy cat lady, I suggested I make a SISAL SUB (I'd use some parts from an old cat tree because it's hilarious)! Here goes... I'd like to keep it about 45" high, and need to use a...
  2. SDX10 - Elemental Designs Enclosure.

    Creative Sound Solutions
    I have an old elemental designs A3-250, 10" 300 watt sub, with a bad driver. I'd like to re-use the enclosure and amp, so I'm wondering if the SDX10 would be a suitable replacement. The enclosure is a down firing, 13.75" x 13.75" x 24.5", 1.8-1.9 net cu ft, and it has a 3" x 17" flared port...
  3. Sdx10 apr12 kit

    Creative Sound Solutions
    I'm looking at this kit that uses the sdx10, apr12 and bash300 , I'm going to use the smaller box design (1cf) for music and ht , does it matter what shape the box is ? pdf says 14" cube but I want to adjust the shape a bit ...also has anybody around here built one of these ? Thanks !
  4. New 3 way design using the SDX10

    Creative Sound Solutions
    Hi, Jeff Bagby has completed the add on SDX10 woofer design for either the Kairos or the Continuum designs. Meniscus Forum There's also a discussion on the PE forum. At the special price the SDX10s are cheaper than the SB he also designed with. Bob
  5. CSS SDX10 with 2 PR from AE

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    Hi I've a sealed CSS SDX10 sub that i'm quite happy with for the past year and odd. Recently i had a chance to buy a pair of AE 12" PR (PR12-970), and wish to use it with the existing SDX10. I have never used winisd to model a PR design and was wondering if someone could help me out here. Just...
  6. CSS SDX 10 Sealed Project with BASH300 amp

    Sealed Subwoofer Build Projects
    :help:Looking to build single CSS SDX 10 Sealed. It will be for music, not too loud. I would like to keep it as small as possible on the driver side. It can be taller than the driver (any height), and deeper (any depth), but it must be as 'skinny' as possible on one side. Any design ideas...
  7. Any interest in a car audio build with a pair of SDX10's

    Creative Sound Solutions
    I know this is a HT forum, but i am ordering a pair of SDX 10's and plan on building a ported box for them. I am thinking from what i have read so far that i will build 2 separate boxes, 1.1 cu ft each, and tuned to 27hz. Power will be 500 watts total, and it is a pure sound quality build. I...
  8. Another CSS SDX10 Build

    Creative Sound Solutions
    Hi, I was looking for a small subwoofer for my living room that could blend well with the furniture and fit in-between the fireplace and the audio stand. Posted a thread a little while back, and based on the response, i decided on the SDX10 in a vented 1.5 cu ft cabinet. I'm not looking for the...
  9. SDX10 BUILD - by 9nicefinish

    Creative Sound Solutions
    After building the VX.2 kit from CSS, I was very happy with their product. The VX.2 kit sounds amazing I am very impressed with their performance during movies and TV shows. To help round out the low end of my small system I am going build the CSS SDX10 sub with a Bash300 amp. With some help...
  10. SDX10 Tapped Horn vs Trio 12 Loaded Horn

    Creative Sound Solutions
    I'm looking at building one of the two of these: SDX10 Tapped Horn (http://www.hometheatershack.com/forums/creative-sound-solutions/37767-dual-sdx10-tapped-horn.html) Trio 12 Loaded Horn (http://www.hometheatershack.com/forums/creative-sound-solutions/51662-css-trio-12-loaded-horn.html) Both...
  11. SDX10 tips for slam?

    Creative Sound Solutions
    Hi guys. I already have the TRIO12 with 2 PRs in a big 24" box. It can dig pretty deep (20 Hz: 120 dB @ 1 meter). However, I want to feel more impact for 'gunshot type action acenes'. I am looking for a bit more "in-your-chest-slam" which I assume is more mid-bass? I have a hole in my bass...
  12. Ported SDX10 Build w/ Bash 300

    Creative Sound Solutions
    This is my first DIY sub, and first post on the forum. After 3 weeks of messing around in the garage I came up with a decent result. Output so far seems great, but I may need some adjusment on the HPF. When testing the sub using the opening explosion in Hurt Locker and opening scene in War of...
  13. Dual SDX10 Tapped Horn

    Creative Sound Solutions
    Greetings, fellow bass nuts. Some of you may remember me from this thread, which chronicles the progress of my very first tapped horn project. Even before I was finished with that one, I always intended to go back and do it all over again; improving on the design as I better learned from my...
  14. CSS SDX10 PR Tuning

    Creative Sound Solutions
    So started with the kit and all is well. Actually got two, one for me and one for a buddy. Well here goes - I've got a little issue with the box I built as my buddy who picked up the other kit, re-mapped the cut list based on the fact that we stumbled into some sweet 2' x 3', one inch (wait...
  15. CSS SDX10 X 4! What to build?

    Creative Sound Solutions
    I have 4 - SDX10's that are currently in a single sealed box (separate air space) below my screen area in my h/t. My wife is not that happy with the size of it so here's a chance for me to improve on the design, and build something new. I can either build 4 separate smaller boxes or go duals...
  16. replacing blown klipsch driver with CSS SDX10

    Creative Sound Solutions
    I have an old Klipsch SW10 and recently the voice coil is blown in it's 10" driver. This system uses a K-1013-K 10" driver front, 12" passive radiator rear, with a 100W into 8 ohms amplifier. There is a 180 deg. phase switch but there's no boost or subsonic filter that I know of. The...
  17. Dual CSS SDX10 Subs Query

    Creative Sound Solutions
    Hello good people. I am in need of some advice and I believe I've found the right place! Plenty of knowledgeable people kicking around here. I'm going to throw all the relevant information out there so that someone can help me. So.......... I'm building some of Zaph's SB3 3" fullrange drivers...
  18. CSS SDX10 new build!

    Creative Sound Solutions
    Haven't officially started yet, but I am doing this build for a friend. Going to do it much the same as my Shiva 12" sonosub, just a little smaller. Of course we want to make do with the existing parts and supplies I already have, so I'll list what I have. 5' of 16" sonotube. lots of 3', 4'...
  19. Special Price on the SDX10

    Creative Sound Solutions
    Since there is a sporting event going on here shortly (I'm not allowed to use the word?) we're running a short special on the SDX10 at $129 plus shipping. Not sure how long this will run but since there are no BASH300s available till who knows when I thought perhaps there might be some interest...
  20. CSS SDX10 sub kit build

    Creative Sound Solutions
    After seeing Mike P's build of the CSS SDX10 sub kit, I decided to bite the bullet. I was originally planning on building a much larger sub but I decided to try this one and if I like it I'll build a second or wait until later this year for the SDX12 kit to come out. I was bored last night so I...