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  1. DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    So currently my setup consists of Klipsch RF-82ii, RC-62ii and two sets of RS-52ii's for sides and rears. I have one SW-112 and my room is about 14x18x8. It is solely home theater use. I do plan on making it bigger at some point so this will be for the future too (currently converted living room...
  2. Creative Sound Solutions
    Anyone know if the SDX12 would be a good match for Paradigm Monitor 7's? Recommend stuffing for sealed boxes? I'm super interested in these drivers... hesitant to place an order though. I've tried emailing CSS three different ways and no responses :foottap: Not sure if they are still in...
  3. Creative Sound Solutions
    I am downsizing my HT from an 18" to a 12 ( maybe 2 12's ) TBD. But based on a single 12 in what i would say more resembles a bedroom HY than a true HT, what is the best box? 90% HT, and of that 90% is just watching TV. So i am looking for something to anchor my swan 6.1's. My main question is...
  4. Subwoofer Amps | High Pass Filters
    Hi, searched quite a bit but seems I can find solid info on how to wire these.. Given how many people seem to ask the same question one of you:) more experienced types should post a sticky.. I did a quick line diagram and this is my first attempt at pro gear so hopefully it works out. Could...
  5. Creative Sound Solutions
    Any chance you could model this for me in a small ported and sealed box to go in my car? I have 600 watts, and would love to try this in my car, but i have found zero info on it. I was thinking 1 cuft sealed, and maybe 1.5cu ft ported tuned to like 27hz.
  6. Creative Sound Solutions
    I am not sure if this driver would behave well in a 2.1 ft3. I have the bash 500 watts amp. Can someone help me model this driver in a net volume of 2.1 ft3? Oh...!! I forgot....I have not include the displacement of the driver neither the volume of the 500 watts bash AMP. I AM DYING TO SEE...
  7. Creative Sound Solutions
    Hi! The Promo SDX12 kit is ordered and the computer has run hot doing some Solidworks schematics but finally I can see the finished cabinets. Let´s get to work! It´s going to be 85liter cabinets, after installing bracing, vents and driver Solidworks calculates the internal volume left and I´m...
  8. Creative Sound Solutions
    Hello I am currently in the process of building a sealed enclosure with the dimesions of 18"x18"x18" as recommended by CSS for their SDX12 driver. I have the box complete and am currently doing trim work in preparation to clad 4 sides in maple. I don't know how to get pictures loaded up or I...
  9. Creative Sound Solutions
    I would like to build a subwoofer with an SDX12 in a sealed box I was thinking of using the BASH 500W Amp. I have been given specs from Bob at CSS they are as follows: Fs: 21.3 Re: 3.72 Le: 1.38 Qes: .414 Qms: 3.962 Qts: .374 Vas: 67.47 Sd: 490.9 BL...
  10. Creative Sound Solutions
    Just some eye candy for ya LINK below is full of pics from opening the box.... :clap::heehee: http://www.flickr.com//photos/[email protected]/sets/72157632685057408/show/
  11. Creative Sound Solutions
    I received both of my SDX12's yesterday.:bigsmile: They come with installation gaskets, bolts and inserts. They're beautiful drivers and I'm looking forward to having them in my HT. I'm just waiting for some finallized modelling before I begin construction.
  12. Creative Sound Solutions
    Hi, I am pleased to announce that the SDX12 is on order and is expected in time for Christmas. Target/preliminary parameters are as follows: Re = 3.7959 ohms Fs = 18.0666 Hz Zmax = 43.7661 ohms Qes = 0.3576 Qms = 3.7655 Qts = 0.3266...
  13. Creative Sound Solutions
    A confusing plethora of 12inch subs here! What are the differences in real life? Does there really need to be that many? Why would a user pick one over the other?
1-13 of 13 Results