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    Seeking either one or two plate amps capable of driving two pyle 15" 1000 watt subs pretty hard (each is 4 ohm) in a box no larger than 10fc (box size can be cut down accordingly). Budget for amp is no more than $175 for used.
  2. New Member Introductions
    :hide: :gah: My name is Dan Tanner. My e-dress is [email protected] and we have a Web site for friends, family and everyone else who's interested at www.dan-ruth-tanner.com. I'm also on Skype as dan_and_ruth. I am nearly 67 and retired. My wife Ruth will be able to retire early next year...
  3. Home Audio Speakers
    Looking for some speakers for my dedicated HT. My favorite speakers that I have heard to date are the M&K s-150's. http://mksound.com/satellite_speakers.php Unfortunately, the DIY sub I built may have trouble crossing over at 80Hz and will probably be better crossed at 60 or 40Hz. The M&K's...