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  1. Need help..how much would you pay for Rockets RS 760s and RS 750s? A local is selling

    Home Audio Speakers
    Well...he replied to an ad I posted asking about AV123 Rockets so that puts me on a disadvantage I guess since I was the one looking to buy but we are both stuck not willing to bring up any pricing so far. I am mostly interested in the 760s as I have 760s fronts already. He is also interested in...
  2. Comfort of Selling audio on Craigslist?

    AV Home Theater
    Guys - Just out of curiosity how comfortable are you with selling audio equipment through craigslist and the strangers that inquiry about wanting to demo or listen before buying, which means you'll need to invite these strangers into your casa prior for them cashing up for it? The reason why I...
  3. Bad Ebay Selling Experience: please advise

    AV Home Theater
    Hi: this is directed to experienced ebay sellers. I listed a Yamaha 3030 receiver in perfect condition. When i had it, i was using separate amps for the front channels. In the menu (i believe its "amp assign") you can configure what amps you want to be active on the receiver, so i disabled the...
  4. Wu Tang Clan only selling one copy of upcoming album

    Chat Box SWAMP
    If you want to buy Wu-Tang Clan's upcoming double-album, you're going to have to shell out lots of money. The hip-hop group plans to release only one copy of "The Wu - Once Upon a Time In Shaolin," a 31-song secret album. No mass production. No digital streaming. The group's decision was...
  5. Selling my Klipsch Chorus II - Alabama

    New Member Introductions
    Hello! I found this site while searching for an Alabama based audio forum. I found a pair of legendary Klipsch Chorus II speakers. The internet reviews were raving so I bought them sight un-seen. Turns out they are MUCH larger that I expected! -Jeremy
  6. selling 4101 Auto-Air Aluminum Base (Fine)

    DIY Screens
    Ive decided I dont need this paint anymore as my theatre room will be totally light controlled, it is the old recipe and I have 4x480ml containers but the catch is I live in Australia , ive noticed some Aussies in here so give me a yell if you're interested
  7. Wii U consoles still selling at a loss

    Video Game Systems | Video Games
    Wii U consoles still selling at a loss Nintendo has confirmed that it’s not making any money on the sale of Wii U consoles. A representative confirmed the news with GamesIndustry today, explaining figures found in the company’s recent financial results. Nintendo had...
  8. Selling Fortress seats - question!

    Home Theater Seating and Accessories
    Hello all- I'm completely new to this world / forums. I guess I really have a question more than anything. I have a buddy who installed a new theater in his house a little while back, and when he did it, I loved the seats he chose to put in (some nice brown microsuede Fortress Matinee (I...
  9. Selling home with complete HT Room

    Chat Box SWAMP
    HELLO EVERYONE, Well after 1 year of building our room its time for us to sell our beloved home :( (work relocation) I don't have the first clue how to approach this $$ wise and wanted to know everyones feed back. Converting the room isn't really an option due to time constraints. Honestly, I...
  10. selling and upgrading

    Home Theater Receivers | Processors | Amps
    I have a samsung htz320, sony dav-hdx277wc and a yamaha rx v463 was wondering if i should sell all 3 and buy onkyo 609 been reading reviews seems to be a solid reciever
  11. Battlefield 3 Becomes EA’s Fastest Selling Game Ever, Sells 5 Million

    Video Game Systems | Video Games
    Battlefield 3 Becomes EA’s Fastest Selling Game Ever, Sells 5 Million When EA told investors that they “couldn’t be happier” with Battlefield 3‘s launch, they certainly weren’t lying – Battlefield 3 has smashed all of EA’s previous sales records. BF3 wasn’t only a success in the UK, where it...
  12. FS: Optoma H77 DLP Projector - 644 Hrs on original lamp

    Classifieds - Video Displays and Projectors
    Up for grabs is my H77 DLP projector with 644 hours on the original bulb. (The hours will slowly add as it is still hooked up) :innocent: I'm upgrading to a panasonic with a memory lens. I'm selling because I bought a ae 4000 series. When I bought it it came to my doorstep looking like it was...
  13. GameStop discarding Deus Ex coupons before selling game - Report

    Video Game Systems | Video Games
    Specialty retailer removing, throwing away codes for free OnLive streaming version of Square Enix's newly released stealth action game. When Square Enix launched Deus Ex: Human Revolution earlier this week, the publisher proclaimed that all purchasers of the PC retail version of the game...
  14. Gamestop Starts Selling SuperCharged PS3

    Video Game Systems | Video Games
    Gamestop Starts Selling SuperCharged PlayStation 3 03/17/2011 Written by Cameron Teague On sale now at Gamestop is an ‘upgraded’ PS3 labeled as a supercharged refurbished PS3 and is coming chocked full of extras you don’t usually see out of the box when you pick up the...
  15. FS: Selling all of my Blu-rays

    Classifieds - Media
    All sold
  16. Selling manure in the barnyard (or how to sell loudspeakers) and southern loquacity

    Home Audio Speakers
    The recent discussion about Bose products in another thread raised the ire of some, and it made me think back to the days of when I got started in this business. The dealer that I went to work for in 1979, as a college student and part time toad (they said jump and I would jump) was primarily...
  17. Selling DIY speakers?

    DIY Speakers
    Any of you guys ever try selling your diy stuff? My favorite part of this hobby is the building phase. I have sold a couple diy subs in the past but not speakers. I built a pair of BAMTM speakers last year but have the itch again and was wondering what you guys normally ask. Do you include...
  18. Claiming my garage back... selling the dedicated HT!

    AV Home Theater
    I have already had several ask me why I was selling off the dedicated HT room, so I figured I make it public, not that I have anything to hide. We have been trying to cool our dedicated HT room since we had it. Each summer seems to get worse. About the only time we can watch a movie in the HT...
  19. Selling your theater with your house

    Home Theater Design and Construction
    Since this only applies to people who did a full on construction (and not a surround system in the living room, which would obviously move with them to a new house), I figured I would post this here. If it belongs somewhere else, feel free to move it Sonnie. Anyway, the wife and I are looking...
  20. Might be selling my subwoofer amp soon

    Classifieds - Audio Equipment
    Might be selling my subwoofer amp soon SOLD!! SOLD!! Thanks for looking I might be selling my sub amp soon. It's a Nady XA-1100 and it's been running one RL-P15. It's modded with quiet fans. You can't hear it at all. Any interest before eBay? www.musiciansfriend.com Nady XA1100