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  1. REW Forum
    Hello All, I just received my Cross Spectrum Labs UMIK-1 and was excited to use it but REW is giving me problems that I have experienced in the past. I am not a new user to REW, having previously EQ'd my subwoofer with a webcam mic (yes it is decently accurate for bass). I have always had these...
  2. Home Theater, Audio and Video News
    LG may have been the first manufacturer to crack the OLED market, but it’s looking like they’ll soon have lots of competition. Earlier this year we discussed Panasonic’s entry into the OLED space. The company’s 65-inch display (TX-65CZ950) is currently selling in Europe for around $4,000...
  3. Two Channel Audio
  4. Headphones | Head Gear
    Has anyone had experience doing professional mixing with headphones? How happy were you with the result? What headphones did you use?
  5. Home Theater System Recommendations
    Hey everyone, Ive followed this site for quite some time as I do research into things like recievers and speakers. Ive gotten to the point where its time to get a better set coming from one of those HTIB setups. Ive tried to narrow my choices down, but it gets tough as you get closer to...
  6. Video Game Systems | Video Games
    This game is certainly not for everyone. In this day and age games have become very sofisticated and rightly so. I commend any game that increases the gamers level of immersion. However for anyone that can remember back to the day when games were simple yet tons of fun Serious Sam delivers in...
  7. DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    Hi Folks, I've been reading this forum avidly since the begining of this year. In building a new HT/Rec Room in our new home, I had the challenge of having to put all speakers in-wall. I have a 7.1 setup in a room that is approx 18'x25'. I have a 120" screen with a Pani projector. I went with...
  8. System Setup and Connection
    hello, I am new to full-filling my addiction to quality sound. My first task I have conjured is to connect a pair of self powered speakers to my PC(sound card) The sound cards inputs are: Line 1-4 input TOSLINK IN TOSLINK OUT Speakers: XLR TRS + The Speakers must be connected Your help...
1-8 of 22 Results