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  1. Yamaha P2500S or Crown XLI1500 or Samson Servo 600 ?

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    Hi everyone, I am looking for an affordable power amp for my towers Paradigm Monitor 11 v.7. The preamp is an AVR Yamaha RX-A870. I listen only stereo, front 2 channels. In my final list I have those amps: Yamaha P2500S (do not have RCA inputs, but I have cables RCA->Jack, and also have high...
  2. Best servo subwoofer

    Home Audio Subwoofers
    Hi, Hello to all. I am a new member. I am in search for a good servo based subwoofer. Any suggestions ?
  3. Rythmik Audio/GR Research F12G Direct Servo Subwoofer

    The Sub Zone (Subwoofer Testing)
    Rythmik Audio/GR Research F12G Subwoofer Foreword: Rather than discuss only the performance of the enclosed subwoofer, I want to present some more, detailed information that not even some manufacturers are able to obtain. I will be using my own Klippel Distortion Analyzer and software...
  4. GR Research FG12 Servo

    The Sub Zone (Subwoofer Testing)
    Driver 12" high excursion with custom sensing coil Driver materials Treated paper with foam surround Cast aluminum basket Amplifier 370w RMS class A/B patented servo controlled Dimensions 15-3/4"(W) x 15-3/4" (H )x 17"(D) - (18-1/2" D with grille) Shipping Weight 80 lbs Frequency...
  5. Servo Sub Amps

    Subwoofer Amps | High Pass Filters
    My plate amp just died on me, so I am looking at replacing it . It is verry old so thought it would be best to replace the old 200wrms to something alot beefier. I do not mind upgrading but do not want to do constantly. That is why I would like something with plenty of power. On the question of...
  6. FS: Samson Servo Pro-Amps

    Classifieds - Audio Equipment
    SOLD SOLD SOLD For Sale or Trade: (1) Samson Servo 150, (2) Samson Servo 240's Definitely would consider a trade for good sub driver(s), in exchange for one or more amps. Bought these to build an active system I planned: plans have changed. Separate gain controls for both channels...
  7. Samson Servo amps, Another good option.

    Home Theater Receivers | Processors | Amps
    I've recently been asked by several Shack members about my Samson amp and how it is preforming. I have begun to think that allot of people are unaware of them as being a great option for an external amp for your main speakers. The servo line of amps particularly the 300 and 600 have all the...
  8. Paradigm Servo 15v2 Subwoofer Review

    Unofficial Equipment Reviews (Non HTS Reviewers)
    http://www.hometheaterreview.com/images/paradigm-servo-15v2-subwoofer.jpgParadigm Servo 15v2 Subwoofer Review By: Ken Taraszka Paradigm is considered by critics, home theater enthusiasts and audiophiles to be one of the top speaker makers in the world, for very good reason. Their excellent...
  9. Servo 15 to ultra pc13 upgrade

    Home Audio Subwoofers
    Hi i currently have a servo 15 and was considering changing it for a ultra pc13, can anyone tell me if there is a huge difference between the two subs as there wouldn't be much point in spending extra money upgrading it if there was not much between the two subs. Thanks.
  10. Twin Servo 15's - 1st play

    REW Forum
    Hi Guys, Just had a quick play with my dual Servo 15's and here are some pics... Mic-sc - Simple Mic & Sound Card Cal - Its EM8000 with Sharc110 preamp, the cards internal Realtek HDA on my MSI board Left - Green b4, Red after Right - Blue b4, Purple After Both - Red B4 (filters defeated)...
  11. BFD 1124P Servo Balanced Inputs

    Electronic Processing/Equalization Devices
    Hi, I seem to have a d.c. offset problem with the servo balanced inputs on the BFD1124P. I have the BFD connected to the Pre-Out's of my Audio Research LS3B Pre-Amp (I have tried both balanced and unbalanced pre-out's). The outputs of the BFD are then connected to the low level inputs of my...