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  1. Best video and audio settings for iPad Mini

    Audio Processing
    I had downloaded some funny mkv videos and want to play them with my iPad Mini. When I import my .mkv videos, it seems ipad mini can't accept mkv format. My friends suggest me try to use macx video converter pro to convert mkv to mp4 to play on ipad mini. When using the software, I found I...
  2. Can anybody explain what all these settings are for?

    Home Theater Receivers | Processors | Amps
    channel....front l 63hz........0db 160hz......0db 400hz......0db 1khz.......0db 2.5khz....0db 6.3khz....0db 16khz.....0db This is off of a Yamaha receiver, I have no clue what they do? If someone could enlighten me I would really appreciate it. I know they are EQ settings but would like...
  3. Does "Stereo" or "Straight" bypass AV Reciever settings ?

    REW Forum
    Does "Stereo" or "Straight" on the AV Reciever bypass Crossover and Small or Large settings for measurements with REW ??
  4. Front Stage Crossover Settings?

    System Setup and Connection
    I'm curious to know what crossover levels you use between your "main" and your "center" speakers. Do you keep them the same (ie all at 80hz) or do you set your center with a higher crossover? I'm actually using 120hz across all 3 speakers, but I'm going into "experimental mode" this afternoon...
  5. HDMI output settings...

    Video Calibration
    Case in point - I currently own a 55" Panasonic VT30 that was pro calibrated in Feb. 2012. When the set was calibrated I was using a PS3 as my blu-ray player (HDMI output set to "AUTO"). Subsequently I purchased and OPPO BDP-95 and even more recently a Spears & Munsil 2nd edition blu-ray...
  6. Battlefield 4 ultra settings footage shows environmental destruction

    Video Game Systems | Video Games
    Battlefield 4 ultra settings footage shows environmental destruction Battlefield 4 is making use of Frostbite 3 to power some pretty special graphical effects; check out the amount of dust and debris on-screen in this showcase of the shooter on PC ultra settings...
  7. Understanding House Curve vs EQ settings in REW

    REW Forum
    Hi I'm new to REW but I've made some headway.. have calibrated my FA66 soundcard, bought a UMM-6 from Cross Spectrum, and made some measurements of my setup. Had to use the LineIn and SoundFlower workarounds to get audio working correctly on my Mac. I've generated EQ settings and transferred...
  8. Settings in REW for Nearfield Measurements

    REW Forum
    Hi can someone please tell me the settings. Thanks in advance
  9. Optoma HD65 Calibration Settings??

    Video Calibration
    Anyone got some calibrations settings for an Optoma HD65 projector? I'm connected with HDMI. It's primarily for Xbox and watching movies through my PC.
  10. REW to FBQ filter settings

    REW Forum
    Hello, me again. Don't have a MIDI cable yet so I'm setting the filters of my FBQ1000 manually. I've set REW for a DSP1124P as it seems close to the FBQ1000 for the controls and configuration. The question I have concerns the bandwidth parameter. In REW I have a PA type filter with BW/60 =...
  11. REW & XP settings

    REW Forum
    Please can someone help with REW & XP settings. I have attached Screenshots (Word zipped below) of REW and XP sound devices etc in my laptop. Please can someone tell me which settings that should be selected, with the drop down boxes I have included in the screenshots. The mic is Omnimic and...
  12. crossover settings

    System Setup and Connection
    Hi, With a 5.1 system and floorstanding speakers, what are your crossover setting?
  13. Going bananas trying to figure out crossover settings, HELP!

    System Setup and Connection
    I’m going kinda bananas trying to figure this all out. Not getting a whole lot of bass coming out of my new sub. My thinking is that my speakers have too high of a “low” frequency crossover (160hz is the lowest) and my Sub crossover is (140hz max). I know I have a relatively cheap/low cost...
  14. EQ filters settings

    REW Forum
    Hello! Totally new to this audiostuff. How to decide, what are the best settings for my EQ filters? I'm just setting it up to create a configuration for Equalizer APO. I have Creative 2.1 speakers with 20W (?) subwoofer thats turned on "minimum" but bass is still too loud for my little room. I...
  15. Help with settings

    REW Forum
    I have been using the Rat Shack meter for a while to take measurements. Finally bit the bullet on a mic, UMM-6 calibrated by CSL. My issue is that the bass does not graph when using this mic. I am convinced I have a bad setting in REW because using the REW SPL meter through the mic while...
  16. BFD FBQ1000 not loading settings after power off

    Electronic Processing/Equalization Devices
    I have a BFD FBQ1000 that is not loading settings from preset after being powered off. Verified with REW via RTA and measurement sweeps. Only way for settings to take effect is to put unit into bypass mode then back to operation mode or make a change and then change it back. I tried leaving...
  17. Sony KDL picture settings help

    HDTV | Video Displays | Processors
    I just purchase a Sony KDL 55hx750 and I want it to know what are some nice picture settings that I could try ?
  18. Yamaha RXV665 BluRay Audio settings??

    Home Theater Receivers | Processors | Amps
    I have a Yamaha RX-V665 A/V receiver I purchased a few years ago. I have everything connected to this: My Samsung HDTV, Sony S350 BD Player, Time-Warner Set Top Box. I have a 6.1 Channel System. When I first set this up and played my first Blu-Ray movie, after the movie previews, which I think...
  19. Problem with REW settings?

    REW Forum
    Hey all. I am trying to get my subwoofer measured so I can properly integrate it into my system. However, it looks like I am having difficulties getting the measurements done correctly. Is there a setting I cant see in how I am setting it up to measure? This measurement was in the near field...
  20. SVS PB12 Sub Settings...

    System Setup and Connection
    Hi - I never really figured out the best way to set up this wonderful sub and was hoping for guidance - Right now I basically have the control of the physical knob (gain) and have it set to the first mark (live in a condo) so need to be careful of neighbors - is this wrong? In the Integra...