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  1. EMM-6 + Xenyx 502 setup?

    REW Forum
    I have upgraded my REW from a RS SPL to a EMM-6 microphone with the Xenyx 502 amp. Can someone point me to a link or posting that provides basic instructions for setting up and using the new mic/amp? I have downloaded the EMM-6 calibration file and configured it in the REW preferences. I...
  2. Best settings to use for the best sound on this setup?

    Home Theater Receivers | Processors | Amps
    I have an Onkyo TX-SR705 receiver and a 7.1 config. Center = Polk Audio CS10 Front LR = Polk Audio TSi100 (2) Side surr LR = Polk Audio OWM3 (2) Back surr LR = Polk Audio TSi100 (2) Sub = Klipsch Sub-10 I had links to the sites of the products, but was not able to submit post until I had 5...
  3. Father in law setup?

    Home Audio Speakers
    I am looking to put together a rather inexpensive music setup for my father in law. I am looking to stay around $300 for a pair of bookshelves and a small sub. Thus far I have come up with this option... Polk Monitor 40 Series II, and Polk PSW10 both in cherry. I don't know anything about the...
  4. Mobile Pre USB Setup?

    SPL Meters | Mic's | Calibration | Sound Cards
    Is there a thread similar to the Soundblaster USB card thread that discusses how to go about connecting the Mobile Pre with a Dayton EMM6 mic or ECM8000? I.e., what adaptors/connections are needed, what to turn on/off in the software, etc.?
  5. how is this setup for a beginner / budget setup?

    Home Theater System Recommendations
    EDIT***actually disregard this, in the picture the speakers looked much larger then they really are, didnt realize they were so small. saw this deal and wondering what your opinion is. I know most likely it will get knocked down as its way under $1000 type of system and its HTIB, but figure...
  6. Presonus on Firewire PC: Best way to setup?

    REW Forum
    Hello, I should be getting everything in the mail today to finally start working on getting measurements in my room. I have an XP box and a presonus FP10 as well as the Dayton EMM-6. I tried using REW a few months back on a standard sound card and the calibration between the input and output...
  7. How to setup?

    REW Forum
    I have an art dual mic preamp with an onkyo sound card and I am lost as to how I should be setting this up? Do I need to run an RCA cable from the "RCA IN" on the sound card to a 1/4" mono TS adapter into the preamp? Should I plug the cable into the Left input or right input? or should the...
  8. Flaws in my setup?

    REW Forum
    What do you guys think? could the results be better? The speakers left to right: Pioneer, Jamo S506, E680, E660, C605 From the computer to the jamo amp set to full range, out of the amp to the speaker. From the meter to a splitter, from the splitter to L/R line in.
  9. Will adding this Subwoofer help or hinder my Setup?

    Home Audio Subwoofers
    My dad offered to give me a Polk Audio PSW110 Subwoofer he only used for 1 week for free. If I use this free sub, I plan on buying a Behringer Feedback Destroyer (Parametric Equalizer) Current Setup: Front: Paradigm Reference Studio 100s V.2 (around $2,000 a pair) Center: Paradigm Reference...
  10. Bedroom setup?

    Home Audio Speakers
    Hi, I am looking for a 5.1 system for my bedroom. The front and surround speakers need to be small enough that I can hang them from the ceilings/walls. I would like some advice on a decent system for a modest budget. My current speakers in that room are a Cambridge SoundWorks New Ensemble III...
  11. Already have a Outlaw ICBM..opt for a BFD setup?

    Electronic Processing/Equalization Devices
    Hey guys, My name is Dru and I'm a newbie here. Recently I got my preliminary home theater setup going and the screen is up and running with this etup: 140" x 79" 16:9 Screen made from Blackout cloth. Optoma HD65 Blu ray capabilities 5.0 PSB Image Series Setup (Image 4T, 8C, & 1B) Marantz...
  12. SVS Subwoofer...Will it work with my setup?

    First let me say Hi and Thanks for any help~! I have a Bose Lifestyle 5.1 which is about 4 yrs old now. Bose still sounds good, but I want to add a better Powered Subwoofer for a lot better bass. I'm looking at SVS Subwoofer PB12-NSD and / or SB12-Plus. The PB12-NSD is more in my price...
  13. In Wall Speaker Setup?

    Home Theater System Recommendations
    I just picked up 6 used polk audio in wall speakers and am haveing a hard time tring to figure out what I'm going to do with them! the speakers have a 6.5 driver and 1" Tweet. The room I'm installing them in is 12' x 12' and will be running a projector on a 92" screen. My seating will be on...