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  1. Ready to get this rew setup correctly!

    REW Forum
    So as I was thinking about how my mini dsp made the subwoofer sound horrible after the last run of rew. I was thinking that there was an issue with how rew was ran and connections used for measurement. I was connecting my laptop to the mini dsp that runs through a rolls mb15b to a sanway fp...
  2. Best setup possible for £7500

    Home Theater System Recommendations
    hi all i am after setting up a 3rd system i will be using a denon 6200w and a emotiva xpa3 gen3 amp with blue jeans cables for speakers and interconnects and a oled 65ec6v tv a oppo 205 4k player ps4 pro console wii console and the new xbox one console and the nvidia shield console my question...
  3. sanway FP14000 dip switch setup question

    Home Theater Receivers | Processors | Amps
    Aloha everyone. I just got a question about the dip switches and limiters on a Sanway FP14000. I'm not sure what kind of switch setting I should be using and this amp manual in not very clear on the setup. Is there anyone that is knowledgeable on this product or have a good link? I have been all...
  4. New Setup, Black Widow and what else?

    DIY Screens
    Hi! I've been a member here for quite some time, reading and lurking but not really been active. I've just purchased my first house and since I'm moving with my wife there will be some compromises in regards to the Home Theater bit. I got a new projector which hopefully will make me happy, I'm...
  5. REW for simple 2CH setup?

    REW Forum
    A lot of what I've read here, on the REW site, and elsewhere focuses on using REW to measure and tweak multi-channel setups. It's understandable this being Home THEATER Shack but I'm looking for some clarification from anyone around here using it in a simple 2-channel music setup. Here is my...
  6. DIY Bi-Amp setup for front 3 channels

    DIY Audio
    I am going to give building an amp a try now. I just ordered a Bang & Olufsen ICEpower 50ASX2 SE 2x50W Class D Amplifier, and a B&O ICEpower 125ASX2 amplifier module. This will give me enough power to power 2 of my new speakers (bi-amped). Iam still looking for one more of each to finish off the...
  7. home theatre setup

    New Member Introductions
    what is the best way to set up the following components for a home theatre system: Yamaha RXV1400 AV receiver with no HDMI audio/video inputs/outputs, rca and digital only Bose surround sound speaker system (5 speakers plus subwoofer) samsung TV with 2 HDMI inputs (not a smart TV) Netbox PVR...
  8. Home Theater setup issues

    System Setup and Connection
    Hi there. I just got a 4k tv. model 55" UHD 4k Flat Smart TV KU7000 Series 7 UN55KU7000F My receiver is a Pioneer VSX-822 circa 2012 has 6 hdmi ports in back for devices and a 7th for output dont know what version hdmi it is like 1.4 or 2.0a or what. also have roku2 external player plugged into...
  9. New soundbar setup in conjuction with cable box/xbox/and chromecast audio outputs

    System Setup and Connection
    So I am a bit confused and I have a huge objective I am trying to meet. So I have a brand new 65" LG smart TV, Comcast cable box(plugged into HDMI 1), an xbox 360 (plugged into HDMI 2), and a Google Chromecast (plugged into HDMI 3[arc]). I plan on buying one of those brand new Smartcast Vizio...
  10. Troubleshooting Help: Intermittent Blackouts with HT Setup

    System Setup and Connection
    Hi there ... thanks in advance for considering my A/V woes. My setup is: Vizio M65-C1 Vizio SB4051-C0 Dish Hopper AppleTV iMounTop™ 3x1 High Speed HDMI Switcher 90% of the time this setup works nicely. However, I experience intermittent dropouts where the system goes black, does some sort of a...
  11. Preferred connection / Setup suggestion 3.5 mm

    System Setup and Connection
    Hey all - I am looking for the best method to send a signal via a 3.5 mm headphone jack (from my PC) to a Behringer EP4000. So far, none of my attempts have been 100% successful.
  12. How to improve current theater setup

    AV Home Theater
    Hey Guys- I wanted to get your opinions on my home theater setup. First I am looking for a setup that really booms during explosions (IE can feel the explosion or gunshots) and of course sounds clear on the non-action scenes. I think I have the clear sound just not the boom. My system is...
  13. Unusual sound system setup for Grandparents

    System Setup and Connection
    Hello everybody, First time on this forum, glad to join you. Please forgive me if the post is not relevant here. A - Situation: I want to setup a new sound system for my grand-parents TV that will suit their different levels or deafness but I could not find help in regular stores, so I'm here...
  14. Best setup for Fios on a VT60

    HDTV | Video Displays | Processors
    I bought a TC-50PS64 from Costco back in 2013 and this has been my primary set, I have the settings pretty much dialed without getting it professionally calibrated and I've been very happy with it. I recently picked up a 65VT60 with about 2800 hours and I have this on a second Fios DVR. What...
  15. REW UMIK 1 and AV Preamp Calibration Setup

    REW Forum
    Hi, I would like to use REW to tune my home theatre system and room acoustics, but i need some help understanding how to setup it up for best results. I have Marantz AV7702 MKII Preamp connected to EMOTIVA XPA5 GEN3 amplifier and focal 5.1 speakers system. i purchased UMIK 1 mic and miniDSP...
  16. Planning a home theater set-up

    AV Home Theater
    Hi guys, I was planning for a home theater set-up. Due to space constraints I am planning to go with MartinLogan Motion SLM-XL as L/C/R set up for the speakers. I would really appreciate suggestions on a suitable AVR & Subwoofer. Current ones which I am inclining towards are SVS SB2000...
  17. Suggestions regarding my current gear setup

    REW Forum
    So, I decided to finally get into this calibration world myself now...i've used contractors in the past to do our calibrations on theatre room projects, but am now interested in learning the basics myself....I've decided to learn REW since it seems to have one of the largest support forum groups...
  18. Got new subs, need setup advice

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    I have 2 subs, each is sealed 6.5cu.ft box with 2 DVC385 drivers dual opposed. I also got a iNuke3000 and a Minidsp balanced. Picked all this up from a local seller. These are the drivers - http://www.parts-express.com/dayton-audio-dvc385-88-15-dvc-series-subwoofer--295-190. Would this have...
  19. Need some REW setup help with Win 10

    REW Forum
    My first time using REW with Win 10, was previously used with Win 7, but this time I'm getting some odd measurements and could be a setup issue. I'm using the 3.5mm stereo headphone out to left and right RCA into the preamp. I'm using a Dayton UMM6 mic and I have the calibration file for the...
  20. Link to HTS Two-Channel Speaker Setup Guide for a Deep Soundstage

    Two Channel Design and Installation
    Here is a link to an existing resource that has been useful for Two-Channel system/speaker setup: HTS Two-Channel Speaker Setup Guide for a Deep Soundstage