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  1. Shackster

    System Setup and Connection
    Playing TV thru A/V receiver. I have a Samsung UN60F6350 TV, Sony Blu-ray player, Direct TV Genie and my X-box all connected to my Yamaha 1020 via HDMI cables. The Samsung is a smart TV and I would like to subscribe to Netflix and play movies using the app/access on the TV and send the audio to...

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    CHEFTIM to post;ok game plan down .I have found a pair of sdx-15 new in the box from a fellow member.I go to pick up my sonotube tomorrow.Here is my modeling, and please chime in if you care to.Sonotube I am going with the 24''x70''L.For the port 8'' pvc double flared 36''L.Modeling is showing...
  3. New Shackster needs a Painted Screen!

    DIY Screens
    Howdy y'all! :bigsmile: Brand new to the HTS. My search for a DIY solution landed me here and I immediately recognized many of you fellas from that other place so that was nice. So far this is the only board I have looked at but I love the look and especially the great information stuck to...
  4. Are you a Shackster?

    Chat Box SWAMP
    "I'm a Shackster, you're a Shackster, wouldn'tcha like to be a Shackster too? Be a Shackster...be a Shackster...be a Shackster..." :huh: What? Can't a guy sing a song these days?:sn: E