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  1. General Service and Technical Information
    Our church projector is showing a black shadow behind text. I'm unsure the issue causing it. Anyone have any ideas? I doubt the lamp is the culprit.
  2. Mitsubishi
    Follow-on thread for WS-65909 Manuf date 05/02. OK...I set sharpness way down below 50%, but now I see mild shadowing on a HDNet channel. Not same sharp picture I had before the convergence IC rip/replace. I used auto-reset for convergence, and then maually set red/blue. Still mild shadow and...
  3. Mitsubishi
    lcaillo I have a mits VS-50805. About a week ago a lightning storm caused power to cycle to my set. Ever since, I have this green(only green) shadow on the right side of everything on the screen and from time to time the entire picture turns a light green color. If I bring up a menu with...
1-3 of 3 Results