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  1. Stereo Imaging and Irregular Room Shape

    Home Audio Acoustics
    Hi all, I have done quite a bit of work on ensuring that all drivers are time aligned correctly for the listening position. Phase/polarity looks good too. Measurements seem to be correct and are easily verifiable in REW/HolmImpulse. With that said, I have an odd issue due to the shape of my...
  2. Full Range Pink Noise - poraboloa response shape

    REW Forum
    OK so iv finally gotten REW to work on my Linux machine which is jack full time - by not using jack. anyway i was doing initial tests to set levels using the test levels in preferences. When you use the full range test it sounds nothing like pink noise being heavily mid. I’m using Midas m32...
  3. Making the best of an odd shape

    Home Theater Room Photos (Finished Rooms Only)
  4. Does the actual shape of the enclosure change the sound?

    Sealed Subwoofer Build Projects
    I have been reading here on the forms and I am going to be starting my enclosure build shortly. I would like to build the enclosure with a curved top to it. My question is does the actual shape of the enclosure change the performance or sound? Or Is the performance and sound based on solely...
  5. Signal shape close mic, then eq. Is it worth it?

    Electronic Processing/Equalization Devices
    I have four subs all in their own enclosure, and all on their own channel. I'm wondering if it's worth it to shape the signal of each enclosure using close mic measurements, then place for best response and EQ as normal. OR just place for best response and EQ. I think a lot of the ID...
  6. My room, it's shape and the way forward

    Home Audio Acoustics
    Hi everyone, I am in the process of building a listening environment in my basement, which in time (I hope) will evolve into being both a place where I can mix/master tracks, and perhaps also record with a decent quality. I will probably need to do this in a two-step process though, as...
  7. PS4 and Xbox One: the trends ready to shape the next generation

    Video Game Systems | Video Games
    PS4 and Xbox One: the trends ready to shape the next generation The next console generation has, finally, dropped its pants. We can now see its bits. Patrick Garratt sums up the trends you can expect to see emerge in living room gaming after PS4 and Xbox One release in...
  8. Understanding the shape of the impulse response

    REW Forum
    I have been following jtalden's method for time aligning sub to mains in this thread. One point of discussion has been the relatively "messy" shape of the impulse response from my subwoofer and I am curious as to why this is and whether it is meaningful with respect to sound quality (aka is it a...
  9. Corner Traps shape

    Home Audio Acoustics
    I have a decent amount of Ruxol remaining from my basement renovation and wanted to use it for bass traps. My room does have noticeable nulls so I figure adding traps can't hurt? The only space I have available is in the rear corners next to the back row seating. I have a space that is 9"wide x...
  10. 2013 Onkyo AVR/HTIB Lineup Begins to Take Shape

    Home Theater Receivers | Processors | Amps
    Hello, While traditionally Onkyo has tended to announce their latest AVR Series before competitors like Pioneer, Denon/Marantz, Yamaha, Harman/Kardon and the lot, this year they are just now beginning to announce this year's models starting at the entry level going up to the 700 Series. Of...
  11. DIY ZDT3.5 Enclosure Shape

    DIY Speakers
    Here is another newbie question about DIY designs: I want to build the ZDT3.5 from Zaph. I also would like to slightly modify the enclosure for aesthetics. Here is the question: If I change the shape from "rectangle" to a "trapezoid" shape but leaving the same volume inside by making the...
  12. house curve shape

    REW Forum
    Is the idea to adjust the house curve shape so that the final curve is a straight line between the shelve freq ( 30hz) and the X over freq ( 80hz) ? This requires a sagging freq shape between 30hz and 80hz. My listening experience is that a net straight line ends up producing a leaner sound...
  13. Port shape thread

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    Just curious if anyone has ever done a 'spiral' shaped port before? I have something sketched up but I can't post the pic until they update my account. I know that round ports are preferred, but this style of port would give you the most length with the smallest enclosure dimensions. Any pros...
  14. HT Room starting to take shape

    Home Theater Design and Construction
    I started my HT project 3rd week of Jan, 2008 finally getting to drywall 2 layers diff. thickness I will be building floating floor next was wondering about butt kickers should I install them in platform I will have risers or should kickers be installed in chairs still wolrking this out any...
  15. Subwoofer shape?

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    ok i admit i am very new to the whole sub woofer thing but i am keen to learn so would somebody tell me why so many people make sub boxes cubes? i have read in many places that a cube is the worst possible shape for a speaker box and this makes sence to me aswell because i have done sound waves...
  16. What would be the perfect size and shape of a new HT room?

    Home Theater Design and Construction
    I may soon be building a new HT room... can't explain right now and it may not come to life, but I'd still be curious as to how would you figure, calculate the perfect size and shape room... or something close. I don't want it too big but maybe 24' to 26' deep so that I could have 2 rows of...