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  1. Speaker Shaped like a car - Ported Exhaust - Bt and protable

    DIY Speakers
    I recently decided to build a custom bluetooth boombox that looked like the rear end of a super car. I didn't want it to look exactly like a current supercar, so I looked at some that I really liked and then added my own flare to it. Here are some quick notes about it. Kerf to get Curves...
  2. Hi and making a odd shaped HT work

    New Member Introductions
    Hi guys I already gleaned a lot of info from this forum and hope to contribute. My room is L shaped with a stair case behind the MLP. Been using the Umik 1 and REW to measure and adjust, but hoping to find more knowledge here on how to perfect things. 9.2 Klipsch Rp280 Rp450c S1 surrounds...
  3. L shaped home theater

    REW Forum
    Greetings all, I'm looking for help to identify room modes in my L shaped Home Theater. From what I've read this isn't an easy task. I live in the D.C. area and I need help finding a who is knowledgeable in my local area (Washington DC). thanks for taking the time to read my post. Markus
  4. I.S.C.T – ‘Black Widow Maker’ High Velocity, Split & Heavily Shaped - Interactive (SEALED/VENTED) Sub Enclosure ….

    DIY Speakers
    I.S.C.T – ‘Black Widow Maker’ High Velocity, Split & Heavily Shaped - Interactive (SEALED/VENTED) Sub Enclosure …. In my ongoing quest to find somehow something else maybe more or even different in improved sound reproduction in build or in more advantage shaped cabinets for 10”, 8”or 6.5”...
  5. Odd shaped room acoustic treatment

    Home Audio Acoustics
    High guys, While waiting to be set up to perform the first measurements with REW, I am studying my room and trying to locate the first reflection points. As you can see here http://www.hometheatershack.com/gallery/index.php?n=14507, the room is partially open to the sides and the listening...
  6. Odd shaped room - will it be awfull?

    Home Audio Acoustics
    Hi all. While skimming the Internet for some advice I fell upon this site. I was impressed by the level of knowledge here. I've been wanting a dedicated HT room for since before I had kids (now they're teenagers), and now I've decided to go ahead but the only room left available has an odd...
  7. Please advise on Large L shaped room, Video editing

    Home Audio Acoustics
    Hi, got two rooms to treat. One is a large L shaped room, 2.5m high 7,6 x 4.7m longest distances and mainly to be used for Video editing, Sound editing and voice overs. The second room is the Video recording studio. Pictures to follow soon. The General design and layout has been started. Most...
  8. Help with treatment of L shaped room with plan

    Home Audio Acoustics
    Hi All, I am hoping to get some input / ideas about my current room setup. Having done a bit of reading and determining the reflection points, I have come up with the following plan. I appreciate having the listening position against the back wall and having the speakers placed along the long...
  9. Triangular, corner shaped, 1 driver w/ 2 PRs.

    Ported Subwoofer Build Projects
    First, I'd just like to express my guilt for jumping right in to asking for help and asking questions with out really contributing anything. Im a cable tech so if anyone has any questions about running coax, splitter configurations, amplifiers or anything related to dealing with a cable company...
  10. My odd shaped room

    Home Theater Design and Construction
    Hello fellow shacksters, I have this odd shaped room which I was hoping to do something with in terms of being able to watch movies, tv, etc. with surround sound. For those who followed my intro I have (finally) sourced all the components and have jury rigged it to test it out. It works quite...
  11. Cube Shaped Subs

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    Why is everyone building cube subwoofers? Why not proportioned on the golden ratio for a speaker cabinet .62:1:1.62 ? :boxer::boxer:
  12. irregular shaped

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    As 'all' subs I see here are more or less symmetrical an image of a non- symmetrical design I'm thinking about building. The middle part will be for the centre speaker, it's tweeter will sit on top in a seperate box. The box is 170 cm long, 60 cm high and at the bottom 60 cm wide and 40 cm at...
  13. My egg shaped 18� sub build.

    Sealed Subwoofer Build Projects
    My egg shaped 18” sub build. This build was started this spring and was partially inspired by Corock’s 21” build. If you haven’t had a chance to see his build, you should check it out. You can find it here...
  14. L shaped room modes

    Home Audio Acoustics
    Hi All, Does anyone know of a mode calculator for L-shaped rooms? Markus
  15. How to design L shaped port?

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    How do you know how much length the elbow subtracts from total vent length? Do you just draw a line along the central axis and measure it? Posted via Mobile Device
  16. New System - Odd shaped room (drawings included)

    Home Theater Design and Construction
    Hi, I'm currently piecing together an entertainment system that consists of the following and need help on room layout please... Samsung 61" DLP (w/ Stand) Yamaha 663 Reciever Klipsch F-1 Klipsch S-1 Klipsch C-1 Klipsch 10" Sub My living room is an "L" shaped room connected to the kitchen. It...
  17. Odd Shaped Box

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    Would this work - considering volume is correct and can the port be mounted in the same are 26X26 as the sub or should it be down on the far end. I would probably add an inch here and there to get around 22-23cuft to make room for displacement. :hsd:
  18. non-linear shaped room bass problems

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    I have had a lot of trouble getting the sub-bass to sound right in my listening position. I have an O-Audio 500W amp that has nice tuning features. I am also using Harmon-Kardon AVR 146 with DIY front speakers w HiVi Research 8" and Morel MD20T dome tweeter. On the right side the nearest wall is...
  19. Treatment of an L shaped room

    Home Audio Acoustics
    I have a few questions about acoustically treating my L shaped room. First of all the room is a basement where the front, right and left walls are cinderblock. The back wall is drywall and splits the basement into two sections. I am considering placing some kind of black curtain behind my...
  20. Calculating Room Modes - Odd Shaped Room

    Home Theater Design and Construction
    Thank you gentlemen for the calculators. After an exhaustive search, I've not been able to determine modes for a NONrectangular room. Specifically an "L" shaped room. More specifically, "L" shaped rooms that terminate in open hallways (no doors). Realising of course, the calculations would have...