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  1. Damping sheets (CFD) for loudspeaker panels

    DIY Audio
    :dontknow:Apologies if this has already been covered in other discussions. I did a search for related terms and couldn't find anything in the results - so here goes.:sweat: I am wondering if anyone has tried using any of the damping sheets (Dynamat, Megamat etc etc) on in their speaker projects...
  2. Splicing 2 PVC foam sheets together

    DIY Screens
    I'm thinking of connecting two 4x10" expanded foam pvc sheets together so as to cover my 9'4" tall by 11 foot wide wall as part of the visuals for a home flight sim. I'm concerned about adhesive residue creating imperfections on the screen side prior to priming and goo painting. Is there any...
  3. Closed cell expanded foam PVC sheets for making projection screens.

    DIY Screens
    We've talked about using various brands of closed cell expanded foam PVC sheets for making DIY projection screens in many threads here, I thought it might be a good idea to have a thread just for discussing these materials. These sheets are know by a number of names, and while there are subtle...
  4. Cut sheets and model for Shiva ported build?

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    I've been searching everywhere thinking this is such a common driver that there should be existing plans out there. I am looking for something around 6 cubic feet, with two 4" precision ports. I am planning on driving it with the 500w OAudio plate amplifier, but may just go with an external...
  5. Two Free 4'x8' sheets of Laminate

    General Screen Discussion
    I have up for offer two 4'x8' sheets of Wilsonart D388 60 & D427 60 laminates (one of each) free to whoever wants a sheet- but this will be pickup only, sorry. Anyone in the Capital District NY that's interested let me know. Not sure what D388 60 & D427 60 are? You won't find them online...
  6. SVS CES 2007 Product Info Sheets

    The following page contains the SVS Product Information Sheets from CES 2007. http://www.svsound.com/news-news.cfm :T A typo: The new Ultra plate amps will be 750W, not 950W. Tom is hoping for cylinder and single driver box availability in July. (updated 4/2/07) Dual driver enclosure...